Saturday, April 30, 2016

Feature film casting call

Friday, April 29, 2016

The Reel Scene: Making acting dreams comes true!!

We all have a dream, for some the dream is to be an Actor and the bigger dream is to stand on that stage at the Oscars holding that small gold statuette in their hand. As we know the reality of that happening is afforded to a very small group of people. Therefore for most, the actual acting dream is to be a working Actor and getting paid to do what they love on a daily basis. That way it never feels like work. The challenge is how to make that happen.

The Challenge..
When first starting out as an actor, it can be difficult to figure out which steps to take in order to turn your talent, knowledge and passion into a viable career. There are so many choices of courses to enroll on, but it can also be a decision about whether to go to university or drama school. Then there are those actors in full time work wishing they pursued their dreams.

The Reel Scene: Helping the dream come to life…
The Reel Scene have come across many actors wanting to pursue a career in acting and are striving to get into the industry but not sure how.
This is where the Reel Scene can help, having identified those actors that have the passion, drive and focus but do not have the an insight of what is required, lacking professional head shots and show reels. We provide actors of all standards with the training, tools, networking opportunities needed to secure acting work and progress careers.

With a 100% success rate to date, all actors have been signed by professional agents and are now being put forward for TV and film roles!

Within a week you have all the tools to make your dream come true
The Reel Scene Event is an intensive week designed to take your acting career to the next level. We ensure we put into/ practice what we teach you! Actors will experience real life auditions, be coached by professional known actors and working on a professional set being directed by a professional crew including a Hollywood director.

The Reel Scene is the Real deal
The actors will get an exclusive opportunity to showcase their talent in front of a host of leading industry professionals including agents, directors & well-known actors, for their chance to obtain representation.
By the end of the week the actors will leave with firsthand experience of the industry, professional footage for your show reel and headshots, all the essential tools required to launch your career!

Meet people who are already living the dream
With special guests, networking opportunities, we are confident you will find the Reel Scene both challenging and rewarding and help you make your Acting dream come true.

Support someones dream today! Join The Reel Scene family and community, book a place on our next event 1st- 6th August 2016.

For more information and reviews visit call 0207 849 4525 or email

This is a sponsored blog post on behalf of The Reel Scene and does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Screenterrier of the products or services offered.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Bronte Sisters cast announced

Casting has been announced for the new two-hour BBC drama To Walk Invisible: The Bronte Sisters about the personal lives of the Bronte family, written and directed by Sally Wainwright, creator of Happy Valley.

The Bronte sisters’ personal lives are as intriguing as their writing: three unlikely geniuses under one unlikely West Yorkshire roof. Coming from obscurity to produce some of the greatest and most enduring classics of all time, with themes that shook the nation, Charlotte, Anne and Emily remain one the greatest literary mysteries in the world.

The drama revolves around the three sisters’ increasingly difficult relationship with their brother Branwell, who in the last three years of his life – following a tragically misguided love affair – sank into alcoholism, drug addiction and appalling behaviour. Life at home with the Brontes at this time was not a comfortable place to be, and yet from this environment sprang their remarkable literary output.

Scottish actress Chloe Pirrie (represented by The Artists Partnership) will play Emily, author of the complex and ground-breaking Wuthering Heights.

Finn Atkins will play the deeply ambitious Charlotte Bronte, who wrote the phenomenally successful Jane Eyre. Finn, from Nottingham, (also represented by The Artists Partnership) is an alumni of  The Television Workshop.

Irish actress Charlie Murphy, (represented by The Lisa Richards Agency in Ireland, who also starred in Happy Valley and The Village, will play the determined and level-headed youngest sister Anne, the writer of Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.

Their brother Branwell, whose destructive behaviour threatens to tear his family apart, will be played by Adam Nagaitis (represented by Curtis Brown).

To Walk Invisible: The Bronte Sisters explores the siblings’ relationship not only with one another, but with their father, a clever and unusual man, to be played by Jonathan Pryce, who grew up in an impoverished home in rural Ireland, who educated himself, and who was happy to encourage his children – irrespective of their sex – to become passionate about literature and its possibilities.

Sally Wainwright, who won a BAFTA Television Award for best Writer – Drama, said:

“I am thrilled beyond measure that I've been asked by the BBC to bring to life these three fascinating, talented, ingenious Yorkshire women.”

Executive producer Faith Penhale said: “To bring such fresh and exciting talent together for To Walk Invisible is testament to Sally's extraordinary script, which sets out to tell the true story of this iconic literary family. Together with the wonderful Jonathan Pryce, Chloe, Finn, Charlie and Adam will show the Bronte family in a new and original light.”

Filming on the two hour drama begins on location in and around Yorkshire from the beginning of May.