Monday, January 26, 2009

Faces to Watch in 2009

Olly Alexander (represented by Curtis Brown). This eighteen-year-old Brit looks a little like Tim Burton ("I could play him in a film," Olly says. "I've got the hair for it"), so it's fitting that his roles tend toward the eclectic. "That's my card: being a bit mad and crazy onscreen. I like weird characters who have some kind of story to tell," he says. Olly's story so far has been short but sweet. He began his career at seventeen in the CBBC drama Summerhill, (along side Jessie Cave who was also in her first TV role) and he has worked steadily ever since. In 2009 we'll be seeing a lot of him as he has four films coming out: Jane Campion's biopic of John Keats, Bright Star; "drug thriller" Enter the Void; indie horror flick The Tormented, (with April Pearson from Skins) and post-apocalyptic drama Dust. With heroes like Burton, Gus Van Sant, and Sofia Coppola, it's clear that Olly has a specific path in mind. "I'd love to go down the indie route," he says. "Because those are the films I love to watch."

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