Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Faces to watch in 2009

Screenterrier has already reported on Bill Milner's role in Skellig showing on Sky1 over Easter.

He also has a new film out in May "Is Anybody There?" starring alongside Michael Caine.
The simplest ideas often make the best films. Here a morbid 10-year-old boy gets even more morbid because his parents have turned their house into a retirement home.

Crikey! Who is going to want to watch this?

But the scene, set in a sleepy British seaside town in the 1980s, is immediately saved by having the baffled boy played by Bill Milner (represented by Curtis Brown), who was outstanding in Son of Rambow.

Morbid he may be but not without resources, and while his parents – Anne Marie Duff and David Morrissey - struggle to keep their dying business alive (all puns intended), Milner becomes obsessed with the afterlives of the home’s elderly residents.

To be precise, he starts following them around with a tape-recorder to capture the sound of the soul as it escapes the mortal coil.

It is a slightly unconventional pastime for any young lad so it is fortunate that one day a magician, "The Amazing Clarence" (cleverly impersonated by Sir Michael Caine), arrives with some distracting anarchy.

As a friendship blossoms between these two lost souls, Clarence comes to terms with his past and the child masters his fear of the future, leaving both of them free to seize whatever joy the day has to offer.

Directed by BAFTA winner John Crowley (Boy A and Intermission), Is Anybody There? opens across the UK on 1 May.

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