Saturday, August 15, 2009


One of Screenterrier's hotly anticipated films for 2009 is "Cracks", which will showcase some of the UK's finest up-and-coming actresses.

An open casting call was held in the spring of 2008 by Shaheen Baig to find the young girls for the film.

The completed film stars Eva Green and Sinead Cusack whilst the young girls are:

Juno Temple (pictured) as Di, who as a maturity and charisma that compel everyone to follow her without question – a born leader. She has a wicked sense of cynicism and humour, coupled with intelligence.

Imogen Poots (represented by Independent Talent) (who has just wrapped on another film to watch out for Chatroom) as Poppy, who is completely over dramatic and loves to be centre of attention. If she wasn’t on the diving team she would be head of the drama society.

Newcomer Ellie Nunn (daughter of theatre producer Trevor Nunn and actress Imogen Stubbs) as Lily, a classic English beauty. Extremely curious about everything. With fellow newcomer Clemmie Dugdale as Fuzzy.

Two 13 year old Dublin girls, with no previous drama experience, Adele McCann and Zoƫ Carroll were also cast in two key roles, Adele McCann as Laurel, and Zoe Carroll as Rosie, the youngest girls in the group.

Fiamma, the exotic interloper is played by Spanish actress Maria Valverde.

Set at an all-girl boarding school in interwar England, the film centers on a clique of students on the swim team. Eva Green (Casino Royale) stars as their provocative and charismatic coach and teacher, Miss G, who encourages a sapphic “crack”—a crush, that is—held by one of her pupils, Di, played by Juno Temple (daughter of director Julien Temple). The elite group of girls idolise their beloved teacher, Miss G but their unhealthy bond is threatened by the arrival of an exotic and beautiful foreign student whose rejection of Miss G's attention threatens the status quo and brings tragic consequences for them all.

It is the first feature film to be directed by Ridley Scott's daughter Jordan Scott and was filmed in the summer of 2008 on location in Ireland.

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