Thursday, August 27, 2009

E4 Misfits new pic

Screenterrier has already reported on the fab cast line-up of E4's new teen drama Misfits.

The show features a hot young cast of emerging acting talent - Robert Sheehan (Red Riding), Iwan Rheon (Spring Awakening), Lauren Socha (The Unloved), Nathan Stewart Jarrett (The History Boys), and newcomer Antonia Thomas - and follows a gang of five teenage outsiders who get caught in a flash storm while on Community Service and suddenly find themselves saddled with strange superpowers.

Party-girl Alisha (Antonia Thomas) can send people into a sexual frenzy with just one touch, hard-as-nails Kelly (Lauren Socha) can suddenly hear people's thoughts, while one-time sporting hero Curtis (Nathan Stewart Jarrett) discovers he has the ability to turn back time. Even painfully shy nerd Simon (Iwan Rheon) can make himself invisible - which is what he has always felt.

...Which makes things even more painful for smart-aleck Nathan (Robert Sheehan), the only member of the ASBO gang who appears unaffected by the storm. The biggest mystery about him remains how he got his community service order in the first place - all anyone knows is there was a mysterious incident involving some pick-n-mix...

Each week the gang reluctantly step up to the plate to save each other and the rest of their community from the very thing they've all been mistaken for - the bad guys. But unlike their more conventional counterparts, they don't swap their Reebok classics and ankle tags for capes and tights. Instead, they discover just how tough life can be when you're all that stands between good and evil. Well, that and a curfew order....

Upcoming directors Tom Green and Tom Harper take the helm; the former in his television directorial debut, the latter, hot off The Scouting Book for Boys and Cubs. The series is the first major commission for writer Howard Overman (Merlin, Hustle) and will be produced by Clerkenwell Films (Afterlife, ITV's Persuasion).

Coming to E4 in November and the webisphere sooner than you think...

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