Monday, August 24, 2009

Just Henry

Monarch Of The Glen creator Michael Chaplin is adapting the latest novel by the author of Goodnight Mister Tom for ITV.

Michelle Magorian’s new novel, Just Henry, is a post-war thriller targeted at early-teens and is being developed by ITV Studios as a 90-minute family drama.

Just Henry, which was published last year, centres on a young film enthusiast, Henry, whose father died in the war. The book is set in late 1949 and fourteen year old Henry lives with his mother, stepfather, little sister and his Gran. Henry knows his father died a hero and, in his eyes, 'Uncle Bill' does not match up and Gran agrees.

When his school sets a group project, Henry is disgusted to be teamed with Jefferies, the son of a man who went AWOL and Pip, a boy who was born illegitimately.

However, when a women Henry meets at the cinema lends him a camera for the project, he makes a discovery that throws his world into turmoil and makes him reappraise his judgemental behaviour.

“Henry will need his new friends when he processes the film and makes an alarming discovery. Like a bomb waiting to explode, Henry’s world is about to unravel,” said Magorian’s publisher, Egmont.

Magorian’s Goodnight Mister Tom, another teen novel set in wartime Britain, was a major hit for ITV in 1999.

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