Monday, October 12, 2009

Spotlight on Will Poulter

Will Poulter came to prominence when he starred as Lee Carter, the scamp schoolboy in the film Son Of Rambow, (alongside another Screenterrier favourite Bill Milner), for which he was nominated for the NSPCC Most Promising Young Performer award.

His virtuoso performance in School of Comedy, originally performed at the Edinburgh Festival, and now turned into a series for E4 emphasises what a talented actor he is.

Will (represented by Independent Talent) is now 16 years old, and comes from West London where he attended after school drama classes with Laura Lawson to which he credits his success:

"I was very lucky to get involved in acting really," he says. "Ms Lawson was running an after school club, where people could get together and just try improvisational routines. She'd worked as a comedian before and just gave us scripts to read and try out ideas with. We got the chance to perform the act at school, and it's just all developed from there."

Despite his successful stage and screen career, acting wasn't Poulter's first choice. "Like most boys, I originally wanted to be a footballer. But given that I'm 15 and still only three feet tall, I guess I'll have to kiss that idea goodbye."

Currently filming the latest Narnia instalment Voyage of the Dawn Treader in Australia, his portrayal of the Pevensies annoying cousin Eustace Scrubb (seen here with 14 year old co-star Georgie Henley) is bound to win him more plaudits.

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