Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A new Sydney

There's a change of actor for the role of Sydney in the new series of Lark Rise to Candleford which returns to BBC1 Sunday nights on 17th January. Newcomer Edward Darnell-Hayes, who appeared in the children's ensemble cast of Oliver! in the West End, has replaced Oscar Lloyd (presumably because he was too busy in his new role of William Wylde in Emmerdale).

At the end of the last series, James Dowland (played by Jason Merrells), rode off into the sunset, leaving Dorcas, who owns and runs the local post office, to adopt his son, Sydney.

Julia Sawalha, who plays Dorcas described how much she adored working with Edward (Ted):  "He has a very dry sense of humour and has fitted in with everyone. He is a very astute and clever boy. He is well-mannered and works very hard. He is a natural professional. He takes direction extremely well. I haven’t once heard him say: ‘No, I can’t do that.’ He always has a go and does really well. He deals with the technical side of things brilliantly, which can be very daunting. He is also a naturally generous actor – he listens, looks you straight in the eye and instinctively responds. Most refreshing of all, he has hobbies outside of acting, he loves school and is not precocious in any way at all.”


  1. I own the DVDs for the entire series. and as often as I have watched this series, which I do love dearly, I never noticed this change in the child actor who portrayed the character of Sydney. Neither possesses the endearing qualities of a Daniel Radcliffe; instead, both have about as much appeal as boiled mutton and cabbage served up as leftovers on the third day.

    1. Well, I noticed the change and I like them both. This Sydney is more talkative.

    2. The role is supposed to be low key, which corrrlates with the character. Your comment above is unnecessarily unkind. Love the show and the ensemble cast in its entirety.