Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The St Trinians twins

Cloe and Holly Mackie, 12, play the terrible twins Tara and Tania in the St Trinian’s movies. This Christmas St Trinian’s 2: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold hit the cinemas with even more mayhem and fun than ever. The girls both go to Camden School for Girls and are represented by the Sylvia Young Agency. Their parents are both insiders - mum is a make-up artist, dad is an art director and they also appeared (as Psychic Twins One and Two) in the thriller Death Defying Acts with Catherine Zeta Jones.

Holly: We love being on the St Trinian’s set because we get so well looked after. Everyone knows everybody now and it’s like a big happy family. Cloe and I get quite spoiled really. They always fill the fridge in our trailer with our favourite juice, fruit and biscuits.

First thing in the morning we would arrive and have breakfast with all the other cast. If we were on location – we would eat on a big converted coach or we sat outside on really warm days. A bit like a picnic. We spent most of this shoot on location as the film is set in lots of different places including Knebworth which was amazing.

Cloe: This time round we filmed for a few weeks in the House of Detention in Clerkenwell. This was an underground prison in 1616 and it is said to be haunted. It was so cool! It is very big with low ceilings, lots of narrow passageways and extremely dark down there. Holly and I played hide and seek to try and hide from our tutor Carolyn. The best bit about filming there was that we knew we could get out – unlike the prisoners! It was pretty scary and not the sort of place you’d want to be by yourself. All the older cast have kept in touch with us via email since the last film so we all know what each other has been up to.

Holly: We finished up at Ealing studios for the last few weeks of filming. This was where the dormitory scenes were shot and they look fantastic. In fact everything this time looks really amazing – costumes, make up, sets, everything. It was sad when we wrapped filming because we have to say bye to everyone again and that is a bit weird when you’ve been together for eight weeks. But we were invited to the wrap party at Movida night club in the West End. We were given special entry to join the cast for the night (as it is a grown-up club), it was soooo cool! They even made us a non-alcoholic cocktail called ‘first years’.

Cloe: As most of the filming was in the summer hols, we didn’t need to have any tutoring (hooray) but during school days we have a tutor called Carolyn and we do school work in between filming our scenes. Carolyn is very nice and extremely patient! She definitely wouldn’t be a St Trinian’s teacher!

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