Friday, February 26, 2010

The Flying Machine

Candid Casting are currently looking to cast two children to play lead roles in a feature film ‘The Flying Machine’, a part animation part live action production, celebrating the life of Frederic Chopin. The film is being produced by BreakThru films (, who have previously won an Oscar for their animated film ‘Peter and the Wolf’.

The Flying Machine is being made to celebrate 200 years since the birth of Frederic Chopin for 2010.
 The film is a mixture of live action and puppet animation, produced by Breakthru films whose previous animated film Peter and the Wolf won an Oscar in 2008.


In a London concert hall, an audience gathers for a film screening accompanied by Chopin's brilliant and transporting piano etudes. Business executive GEORGIE arrives with her two excited children, JANE and FRED. Overworked, GEORGIE even keeps texting and emailing as superstar virtuoso Lang Lang takes the stage, the lights go down and the film begins to unfold, full-screen...
a puppet animation about the adventures of young Anna and Chip Chip and the flying machine.

After the animated film, the lights come up in the London Concert Hall, and Lang Lang is applauded by all but GEORGIE, still buried in her work, having missed Chopin's magic entirely. The audience gone, JANE and FRED peek through the prop telescope mounted on the grand piano, and promptly seem to vanish into thin air. Georgie thinks they are being naughty and hiding from her, but when Lang Lang himself makes her look through the telescope, she magically follows her children into the world of the film...

JANE and FRED are aboard the flying machine, high over London, while GEORGIE and Lang Lang are soaring after them, aboard his Steinway! And so they embark upon a voyage across Europe – London to Paris to Vienna and then to Poland. At each location the children dive fantastically into Chopin's world: the inside of a piano; a 19th century Paris salon where the composer's artifacts come to life; a comical encounter with a quartet of composers in Vienna; and a meeting with boy Chopin in a world of his actual drawings. Angry at missing work, GEORGIE at first mistakes the journey for a theme park ride, then a mad dream. But, missing her children, she opens up to the pathos and imagination of Chopin's life and music – helped by Lang Lang's impish wit and sublime music-making. When the children end up marooned in the puppet-world, it's the re-awakening of GEORGIE's own Chopinesque passion for dance that reunites them and gets them all home.


Still casting for:

FRED (Age 6 - 7) FRED is very impulsive with bags of energy. He loves to dance and is a bit of an extrovert and adventurer. He is to be no taller than 125cm/49inches/4ft1. JANE, his older sister has now been cast - (11yrs old) she is Caucasian and 150cm tall.

Please Send Submissions To:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

True Grit

Directors Joel and Ethan Coen have found their perfect lead actress to play the part of Mattie Ross in Paramount’s upcoming remake of the classic John Wayne Western “True Grit.”

They held open auditions in the US for the role of 14 year old Mattie and after seeing over 15,000 girls, they have agreed on 13-year old newcomer Hailee Steinfeld. She will co-star alongside Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Josh Brolin in the Charles Portis novel.

Steinfeld has just signed with ICM and only has a few minor credits already under her belt. In "True Grit," 14-year-old Mattie Ross (Steinfeld) joins forces with Rooster Cogburn (Bridges), a trigger-happy, drunken U.S. marshal, in order to find her father's killer (Brolin). Their paths cross with a Texas Ranger (Damon) who is also searching for the same criminal.

Dead Gorgeous

Look out for a new children's comedy drama series for CBBC called Dead Gorgeous (aka Dead Normal) which starts on Monday 15th March at 6:30pm on CBBC. The 13-part British-Australian co-production was filmed in Melbourne and follows three sisters who, after dying in the mid-1800s, return to the modern world as ghosts.

Imagine waking up to discover that you can walk through the walls and speak to ghosts but after 150 years of rest, would you want it any other way?

It all began in 1861, when the three very refined Ainsworth sisters died in a tragic coach accident. However, as Rebecca (14), Sophie (13), and Hazel (12) find out, death is no obstacle to them. Having been granted a second shot at life by the all-mighty Ghost Council, the sisters must learn to live life to the fullest (but in a dead kind of way).Realising that their family mansion has been turned into a boarding school for modern-day teenagers, they’re determined to fit in but as young Victorian ladies in a post-modern world are finding it very difficult. They sound different, carry themselves differently, and today’s vernacular will never come naturally to them. It’s a double-challenge, learning how to mix and how to get by as a living ghost (making sure nobody finds out about their secret). In turn, the harder they try to distract attention from themselves, the more they manage to stand out from the crowd.

The only British actress in the cast, 14 year old Poppy Lee Friar spent 4 months filming Dead Gorgeous in Australia last year. Poppy, from Southwark, South London, attends Sylvia Young Theatre School and started her career at a very young age, performing in West End shows including Les Miserables, The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins.

She is joined by young Australian actors, Melissa Howard as her elder sister Rebecca, 12 year old Alexandra Coppinger (represented by Catherine Poulton Management) as Hazel, and Craig Annis (represented by JM Agency) as love-interest Heathcliff.

The series will premiere on Australia's new dedicated children's channel ABC3 in March.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Married Single Other

Look out for 11 year old Jack Scanlon in ITV's new comedy drama series Married, Single, Other. Jack starred opposite Asa Butterfield in The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and also appeared in the CBBC drama Runaway.
Jack is from Kent, and originally auditioned for The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas through his local drama club, but is now represented by Hamilton Hodell.
He plays Joe in Married, Single, Other, the young child prodigy son of Lillie (Lucy Davis) and Eddie (Shaun Dooley), who is desperate to see them finally married.

Appearing as Harry, his 16 year old brother, who can't imagine anything more embarrassing than going to his own parents' wedding, is 19 year old Tom Kane (represented by BWH). Tom also recently appeared in the 5 part storyline of BBC Doctors' "Masters of the Universe".

Lucy Davis (who starred as Dawn in The Office) said of the boys playing her two sons:
"Tom Kane, who plays my son - he's actually 19 but I think he's an amazing actor. Sometimes I'd stop mid-sentence and forget I had more lines because I was going 'Oh, that's lovely - look at his little face!' which is what a 19-year-old-wants to hear! Jack Scanlon, who plays my other son is 11 and he's fabulous as well. I was really lucky that all of them were fab."

Married, Single, Other also stars 16 year old newcomer Leila Mimmack (represented by Mark Jermin Management) as Gina, Babs’ 15-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

Leila who is from Leamington in Warwickshire attends Stratford College student but spent three months in the summer in Leeds filming Married, Single, Other.

Leila dyed her hair black for the part as Gina is an 'emo' or 'goth', the daughter of a child psychiatrist who likes to wind people up.

She said: "It is an experience I never thought I would have and has been completely out of this world.

"Everyone involved with it is amazing and so down to earth. I have learnt so much."

Leila's parents run the Heartbreak Productions theatre company in Spencer Yard, Leamington.

But while growing up surrounded by actors and drama did influence her, Leila says she never made a conscious decision to become an actress.

She said: "Heartbreak was part of my childhood and we often had actors round at the house, but there was never a point where I said 'I want to be an actress'.

"I always wanted to do something within the arts and think it is fascinating."

Currently studying for AS-levels in history, Spanish, English literature and drama, she was a member of the Loft Theatre's workshop for young people and for the past four years has received training from London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art teacher Ann Mulraine.

This experience, which she has shared with her 15-year-old sister Athena, has developed her knowledge of different plays and techniques and "broadened her horizons".

But while Leila has just been accepted into the National Youth Theatre and a successful career in acting may beckon, she is keeping her feet firmly on the ground.

She said: "Getting the part has given me an opportunity I never anticipated and am just going to make the most of it and see what happens."

Her mother Maddy added: "I'm delighted for her. She has worked very hard and had a stroke of luck many actors don't get in their lives."

Married, Single, Other starts on Monday 22nd February ITV1 at 9pm

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Alice in Wonderland featurette

Featurette trailer for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland starring Mia Wasikowska in the title role:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nichola Burley stars in Streetdance

Nichola Burley (represented by Troika) stars in the UK's first Street Dance movie is scheduled for release in May 2010.

Burley, who grew up in Leeds, had always assumed she'd follow in her mum's footsteps and become a professional dancer. Even after she was plucked from stage school to star in Dominic Savage's Love + Hate, she returned to the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. However, once the film hit cinemas, she was inundated with approaches from agents and casting directors, as well as an offer from Savage to take on a bigger role in his next project, Born Equal, set in a B&B for the homeless and dispossessed.
She then went on to be cast in Souled Out, in which she appeared alongside another rising British female star, Felicity Jones (Brideshead Revisited). The two have become fast friends. "She's such a sweet girl, really intelligent, really switched on. She's a bit older than me so she's like a model for where I'd like to be in couple of year's time. It's weird because I'd love to do the whole period thing while she wants to play more gritty characters."
After starring in the controversial Donkey Punch, StreetDance has combined her acting and dancing talents in the role of Carly.
Burley admits that the audition process was terrifying. "I had several auditions and, when I saw the standard of dancing, I was blown away," she says. "It was scary to watch because I knew that I was up against them in the dancing part of the auditions.
"I’ve danced since I was very young, and I trained at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, so I am a trained dancer but mainly in ballet, contemporary and jazz. I soon realised it’s all about how you hold yourself. Movements in contemporary dance are very fluid and continuous, whereas street dance is quite rigid, so you have to retrain your body."

The film also features performances from Britain's Got Talent winners Diversity, and George Sampson (now represented by CAM) as the loveable Eddie, pictured here alongside Charlotte Rampling.

StreetDance is the first UK full-length feature to be shot in 3D.

The film tells the story of a group of street dancers rehearsing for the StreetDance Championships. When they lose their rehearsal space and are forced to team up with a group of ballet dancers, the dancers are challenged to succeed in a whole new world.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First look at Submarine's Oliver Tate

Screenterrier posted about the open web auditions for Richard Ayoade's directorial debut Submarine back in July, and subsequently on the casting of Craig Roberts in the leading role of Oliver Tate, a hero in the gauche vein of an Adrian Mole or a young Alan Partridge, and Yasmin Paige as his love-interest Jordana.

Filming in Cardiff is now complete with the film scheduled for release in late 2010.

It is rare that the subject of a feature film releases a statement prior to the film's release - but the subject of Submarine is no ordinary fellow. Fifteen year old Oliver Tate has prepared the following statement for the press, which we give you now in unedited form:

"I have been waiting too long for the film of my life. My name is Oliver Tate. This film will capture my particular idiosyncrasies, for example, the way I seduce my classmate Jordana Bevan using only my mind. Also, since my parents' marriage is being threatened by a man who runs courses on Mental and Physical Wellbeing, the film will probably feature some elaborate set-pieces of me taking him down. There will be helicopter shots. There will be slow-mo, but also transcendent moments, like when I cure my father's depression. Knowing me as I do, I will be surprised if this film runs to less than three hours. Note to the press: appropriate adjectives to describe this film include 'breath-taking' and 'irresistible' as well the phrase: 'a monumental achievement'."

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Agency seeking teen actors

Established Child and Teen agency currently has its books open for 16-19 year old London based actors.

Must have some professional (or at least semi-pro or interesting) credits and be in or be willing to go into the Spotlight directory immediately.

Send pic (ideally a professional shot) and CV along with a covering email to Alex at

I am afraid that we can only contact successful applicants.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wuthering Heights Open Auditions in Sheffield, Leeds and York


This is an open casting call for award-winning director Andrea Arnold's upcoming feature film version of Wuthering Heights. Casting Director Gail Stevens is seeking two unknown actors from Yorkshire for the starring roles in the film. Auditions will take place in Sheffield, Leeds and York from 15th - 17th February. Wuthering Heights will be produced by Ecosse Films, with support from Screen Yorkshire. Filming commencing end of April 2010.

Audition Dates and Breakdown - this is an Open Audition.

Based on Emily Brontë's classic novel.
Location: UK (Location TBC)
Dates (Shooting, Rehearsal, etc.): 8 weeks from end of April

Description: 16-21 years old.
Genuine Romany Gypsy / South Asian/Mediterranean / Indian / Mixed Race appearance.
Ideally from Yorkshire.
No experience necessary.

Description: 15-21 years old.
Pale-skinned, fair-haired, feisty.
Genuine Yorkshire actresses preferred. Light Yorkshire accent required.
No experience necessary.

Audition Dates & Locations:

15th February 2010:
Jurys Inns Sheffield
119 Eyre Street
Sheffield S1 4QW

10:30 - 14 - 16 Year Olds
2.30 – 17 - 21 Year Olds

16th February 2010:
Jurys Inn Leeds City Hotel
Kendell Street,
Brewery Place
Yorkshire LS10 1NE

10:30 - 14 - 16 Year Olds
2.30 – 17 - 21 Year Olds

17th February 2010:
The Royal York Hotel
Station Road
York YO1 6

10:30 - 14 - 16 Year Olds
2.30 – 17 - 21 Year Olds

Andrea Arnold made the following comments this week to the BBC:
"Think about Heathcliff, he's an outsider, he's a Gypsy boy. It's a big class story. All my films have been about class, and Wuthering Heights is more of the same," she said.
"We are in pre-production, running up and down to Yorkshire and meeting people. It's forming itself." Asked about casting, Arnold said: "I've got a picture of someone on my phone, but I'm not going to show you!"

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

'Skins' Luke and Tom 'Malfoy' Felton join forces in The Apparition

Two young British actors are to star in a new supernatural thriller The Apparition which has just started filming in Berlin and then will move to L.A. in March.

Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter franchise) (and represented by Troika) will join relative newcomer, Luke Pasqualino  (represented by BWH) of Skins Series 3 and 4 fame in his first major feature film role.

Supposedly inspired by true events, the story centres on a young couple haunted by a supernatural presence unleashed during a college experiment. Felton portrays an expert in the supernatural.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Emma Watson named top earning actress in Hollywood

Harry Potter star Emma Watson has been named as the highest paid female actress in Hollywood.

Watson, 19, earned more than Cameron Diaz and Sarah Jessica Parker on a list of Hollywood’s top 40 earners. Her 2009 income was £19million in the inaugural list compiled by Vanity Fair magazine.
Watson, who is studying literature at the prestigious Brown university in Rhode Island, has also picked up lucrative advertising contracts and is the face of fashion chain Burberry.
As well as earning more than any other actress she is also the youngest on the list. Her Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe, 20, fared even better and was placed sixth with an income of £26million.
Incredibly, he was the highest paid actor on the list with the top five places all occupied by directors.
Radcliffe’s bank balance has also been swelled by a guest appearance in an advert to be shown during the Super Bowl game on Sunday.
He features in a spot for the new Hogwarts theme park opening at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, later this year.
The commercial is expected to be seen by more than 100million people. The magazine, which compiled its list from various Hollywood sources, said he pulled in £25million for his role in the final two Harry Potter films.
A further £600,000 came from merchandising linked to the series. Radcliffe, who has used some of his earnings to build up a property portfolio in Britain and America, earned more than Johnny Depp and Robert De Niro.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wuthering Heights

CLOSING DATE: Friday, 26 February 2010, 23:59

Casting Director Gail Stevens is casting for young actors for the new Andrea Arnold directed adaption of Wuthering Heights.

Andrea (director of acclaimed Fish Tank)  is looking for someone special - authenticity being the key.


Based on Emily Brontë's classic novel.




Casting Director: Gail Stevens

Location: UK (Location TBC)

Dates (Shooting, Rehearsal, etc.): 8 weeks from end of April


Description: 16-18 years old.

Genuine Romany Gypsy or of South Asian/Mediterranean appearance.


Ideally from Yorkshire.

No experience necessary.


Description: 15-17 years old.

Pale-skinned, fair-haired, feisty.

Genuine Yorkshire actresses preferred. Light Yorkshire accent required.

No experience necessary.

Bel Ami

One of Screenterrier's stars of tomorrow Holliday Grainger is to star alongside Robert Pattinson in BEL AMI which starts shooting in various locations in London and Budapest next week.

Holly (represented by Troika) will play the part of Suzanne. It's a leap into the big time for Holly who is also set to make a big impact with the iminent release of the highly regarded British independent feature The Scouting Book for Boys.

Bel Ami is the story of Georges Duroy (Robert Pattinson), who travels through 1890s Paris, from cockroach ridden garrets to opulent salons, using his wits and powers of seduction to rise from poverty to wealth, from a prostitute’s embrace to passionate trysts with wealthy beauties, in a world where politics and media jostle for influence, where sex is power and celebrity an obsession.

In the script, the character of Suzanne is Mme Rousset (Kristin Scott-Thomas)  and Rousset’s (Colm Meaney) young daughter and is pivotal to the story. Young Suzanne Rousset is closely involved with Robert Pattinson’s character of Georges Duroy in Bel Ami.

Holly also starred opposite Robert Pattinson in 2007 as pregnant teen Charlie Cooper in The Bad Mothers Handbook.

The film will also star former child star Christina Ricci and Uma Thurman and Kristin Scott Thomas.



We are looking for someone between the ages of 16 and 25 to play a wannabe chav (he is actually quite middle class) in a short film (7 minutes in duration) which will be used as a trailer or \'taster\' for a TV show pilot submission for Channel 4\'s comedy lab. The sitcom follows the lives of three young and hopeless criminals on the fringe of Edinburgh’s (OR Glasgow’s) underworld.  The part available is of one of these criminals. The only stipulation is that he has to be under 5’10’’ in height.

The script for the pilot and the short film has been written by Louis Paxton, who's latest short Choreomania has been selected for Glasgow Film Festival and has won a Royal Television Society Short Film Award, and Paddy Kondracki, a comedian and Scriptwriting graduate (Bournemouth University).

We intend to shoot on Sat 13th and Sun 14th February in Glasgow. As this is a low budget project we cannot offer a fee however full catering will be provided and travel expenses paid.

Auditions are to be held ASAP in both Edinburgh and Glasgow. (phone 07733383381 or 07748288779 to arrange a time which suits you or to read a copy of the script.)

Obviously this is a great opportunity if a pilot is commissioned but all actors will also receive a DVD copy of the finished short for use in showreels etc.


Paddy Kondracki

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Remember Me

Twilight star Robert Pattinson (represented in the UK by Curtis Brown) stars as Tyler and Ruby Jerins (currently to be seen on UK TV as the troubled Grace in Nurse Jackie) stars as Caroline Hawkins in Summit Entertainment's Remember Me (2010)

Monday, February 1, 2010

BBC Switch The Cut Open auditions

Full details of the open auditions for The Cut are now available.

BBC Switch is looking for two lucky people to join the cast of THE CUT and star in the second series on BBC Two.

They are looking for one male and one female, aged between 16-21, who are available to film FULL TIME in London between April-July '10.

Register at BBC Switch The Cut for one of the open casting auditions, which are taking place in 4 UK cities from 8th February. If you don't register, they will not be able to see you on the day.

If you can't make any of the auditions then don't fear, you can audition online too! Just download the script, film your audition, and come back here on 8th February to upload it (Videos no more than 50mb). Closing date for online auditions is 16th February.

You must be aged 16 - 21 years old (on the day of the audition). Should you make it through for callbacks, proof of age will be required.
If you are under 18, you must get your parents or guardian's permission to audition.
You must have the right to work in the UK
You must be available to attend call backs in London on 17th February.
You must be available to film full time in London from April - July 2010.
You must register online to audition on the day. We will be unable to see you otherwise.
All personal information received by us is private and for the Casting team only. It will be used for contact purposes only.
The two acting jobs will be paid roles as per Equity's rates.
This is an open casting call. Professionals and amateurs are eligible to apply.
No previous experience is required.
You will be asked to perform the scene (downloadable from the website) in front of a casting panel. You may or may not be paired with another auditionee.