Friday, April 16, 2010

Alison Barry in Ondine

Look out for another talented young Irish actress, set to follow in Saoirse Ronan's footsteps. 11 year old newcomer Alison Barry stars as Colin Farrell's daughter Annie in Neil Jordan's latest release Ondine.

Ondine is a lyrical, modern fairy tale that tells the story of Syracuse (Colin Farrell) an Irish fisherman whose life is transformed when he catches a beautiful and mysterious creature (Alicja Bachleda) in his nets. His daughter Annie (Alison Barry) comes to believe that the woman is a magical creature, while Syracuse falls helplessly in love. However like all fairy tales, enchantment and darkness go hand in hand.

Syracuse is a loner and a recovering alcoholic who has been sober since his brilliant 10-year- old daughter Annie (Alison Barry) was diagnosed with kidney failure two years ago.
The wheelchair-bound little girl lives with her hard-drinking mother (Dervla Kirwa) and the mother's Scots boyfriend, and Syracuse comes by three times a week to take her to dialysis.

The film was shot in Ireland in 2008 but is only just getting a general release.

Alison Barry is eleven years old and lives in County Cork, Ireland. Her interests are drama, dance, music, gymnastics and football. She attends the Marisa Fragolini School of Dance in Cork. ONDINE is her first film.


  1. Can i take her picture ... ?

  2. She was amazing in this movie. I look forward to seeing her next film if she chooses to continue with her acting... and I hope she does.

  3. i got to say that she was Memorising in this role . they all played good parts