Friday, April 30, 2010


Up-and-coming actress Nichola Burley has two films coming out this spring. Streetdance 3D is released in May, and she also stars in Kicks, which has finally got a UK release date of June 4th 2010.

Kicks tells the story of two teenage girls who bond over a mutual crush on a Liverpool footballer. As their friendship develops, the relationship and chemistry between them becomes increasingly powerful, fuelled by their dreams of wanting something out of their reach. When things go too far their fantasy quickly descends into a nightmare.

Kicks also stars 24 year old Kerrie Hayes  (represented by Curtis Brown) as Nicole, an introverted Liverpudlian teenager, all but deserted by her parents, with a mother distractedly working night...s and a father who has settled with a new family elsewhere. She spends time hanging around the gates of Anfield and the Melwood training ground, desperate for a glimpse of her idol, the star midfielder Lee Cassidy (Jamie Doyle). She meets aspirant WAG Jasmine (Nichola Burley), who is from an affluent family, more glamorous and streetwise, yet the girls' shared adoration for Cassidy lead them to bond instantly. They trawl the city and its nightspots, fantasising about a time when they might have Lee for themselves, yet when the news breaks that the footballer is a transfer target for Real Madrid, they take drastic action to prevent him leaving.

"There are obvious resonances here with 'Heavenly Creatures', 'My Summer of Love' and 'Thirteen', but elfin Hayes and the more carnal Burley have their own unique presences and consistently impress." Variety

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