Monday, April 5, 2010

Stanley Park

Look out for a new BBC Three comedy drama pilot Stanley Park, written by Leo Richardson and inspired by his stage play, Stanley Park is a sharply observed, character-based ensemble comedy drama pilot for BBC Three. It has lined up a great cast, so let's hope it goes to a series.

Stanley Park stars Holly Grainger as Dirty Debbie, a sexy, busty, attractive girl. She spoils herself by the way she behaves, she is incredibly sexually provocative. Debbie loves sex. Underneath all the cheapness and make up, she is actually a really pretty girl but she never allows herself to be.
Debbie is tacky, comes across as hard and edgy but she has a definite softness and vulnerability. She is street smart rather than educated. She lives with her Auntie Pat and has never really had a positive adult influence in her life.
She dreams to be a top fashion designer or a writer of erotic novels. 

Joe Cole (represented by A&J Management, now Troika) plays Lee - Lee is a bit of a chav but is from a good, hard working family who have good values and intentions.
He is a typical 16 yr old - he is ruled by his hormones. He is trying to work out his masculinity, he is emotionally immature. He is one of those boys, who always gets it wrong....especially with girls...
Lee is uncomfortable in his own skin, he hasn't discovered himself yet. He makes off the cuff decisions, he has knee jerk reactions. 

21 year old Jennie Jacques  (Annie Miller in Desperate Romantics) (represented by BWH) plays Raggedy Ann -  An emo who wants to be a rebel, but is a sweet girl who is very bright.
Like Lee, Ann doesn't know who she is yet...she has problems trying to express herself properly.
She writes poetry about her inner demons even though she doesn't have any!
She is from the most straight, conservative family on the street. She has good parents who have provided her with everything she needs in a practical sense but her family don't like to talk much....they are a bit repressed and uptight.

Rising star Richard Southgate (seen as Matt, suicide Sophia's brother in Skins) plays Bent Ben, who is very bright and articulate and incredibly camp - it is a genuine campness, not over egged. He is the most rounded out of all the teenagers. Very sensitive, quick witted, snappy and highly strung, Ben is a good person, a loyal, decent friend and he is most definitely gay but is in denial throughout the pilot. Richard Southgate also appeared in the West End teen musical Spring Awakening.

Misfits star Antonia Thomas completes the young cast as Sadie.
Set in a south London suburb, Stanley Park tells the story of a group of young 16 - 18 year old friends enduring the poignant, painful, hilarious and often confusing emotional upheavals during a life-changing period. All living on the same street, it’s hard to keep secrets, and it seems everyone has something they’re hiding, or hiding from.
Stanley Park looks at the desperation, aspirations and motivations of this group of young people and their families in a moving and humorous way.

Filming took place in February. Stanley Park will transmit on BBC Three as part of their comedy pilot series (which previously launched Being Human) in May or June this year.

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