Friday, June 18, 2010


Filmed last year, Dive is an uplifting two-part drama written by Bafta Award-winner Dominic Savage. The stories of Lindsey McCallum and Robert Wisley play out across two consecutive nights, with episode one told from Lindsey's perspective, and episode two from Robert's.

Aisling Loftus (recently seen in Five Daughters) plays Lindsey, a talented, ambitious diver with the 2012 Olympics in her sights, whose life is turned upside down when she meets Robert Wisley, the popular boy at school, falls in love and finds herself torn between two worlds.

Talking about how she was cast as Lindsey, Aisling said
"I got the role of Lindsey by auditioning; a process that I wasn't very familiar with at the time but now it feels like second nature. When they cast me and Jack, it made sense that they would cast the rest of our peer group from Nottingham and Derby – some of the other young people in Dive are from the television workshop that Jack and I used to attend."

Jack O'Connell plays Robert. Star of Skins Series 3 and 4, Jack has recently filmed an adaptation of Martina Cole's best-seller The Runaway in South Africa.

Aisling knew Jack from the television workshops they attended when they were younger. She recalls her experience filming Dive with such an impressive cast:
"It was brilliant. I've know Jack since I was about 13, but we hadn't worked on anything together, just television workshops. Obviously, he's been doing so well and he's so much fun but at the same time very respectful and a proper gentleman. It was just a blessing to work with someone so talented but so lovely and funny."

12 year old Rielly Newbold from Nottingham, a pupil of The Television Workshop (and a dead ringer for Thomas Turgoose), plays Lindsey's younger brother Matty, and Chanel Cresswell (This Is England) from Derbyshire, another Television Workshop veteran, plays Hailey her best friend.

Dive will be shown on BBC2 at 9pm on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th July.

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  1. For me, one that may not be missed is Dive, this is a great film created by Dominic Savage, story is about about School girl Lindsey hopes to be an Olympic diver and has a strict training, i watch Dive because I like to see Aisling Loftus performance..