Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Horrid Henry

Vertigo Films is making its second 3D live-action pic based on Novel Entertainment's children's property "Horrid Henry."
This will be the first British children's film to shoot in 3D.

The film will be based on Francesca Simon's literary character Horrid Henry, which is the second most successful children's character in the U.K. (behind Harry Potter) with book sales of more than 16 million in the territory.

Vertigo's previous 3D film StreetDance has been a $30 million box office hit.

Nick Moore will direct the pic, making this project his second directorial effort after 2008's "Wild Child."

Casting has already begun and filming is scheduled to take place during October and November this year.

Vertigo are currently looking for up-and-coming British acting talent to star in the film, which will focus on Horrid Henry as he wages his ever constant battle against the tyranny of adults and forms an unlikely alliance with his irritating little brother Perfect Peter and the infuriating girl next door, Moody Margaret.

It is set to be shot entirely on location in the U.K. and is slated for release in 2011.


  1. do you have any information on how to get information about the casting?

  2. Auditions are currently taking place through agents.

  3. are you aware of which agents?

  4. I imagine most agents will have had the casting brief. They were looking for 9 - 10 year old girls and 7 - 10 year old boys.