Friday, June 25, 2010

Land Girls returns for second series

Filming is currently taking place in and around the West Midlands on the second series of BBC Daytime's award-winning drama Land Girls.

Jo Woodcock (now represented by CAM) returns in her role as Bea, now married with a 6 month old baby with Liam Boyle as her husband Billy Finch. Becci Gemmell also returns as land girl Joyce, and they are joined by newcomer Seline Hizli, who plays streetwise, cockney land girl Connie Carter.
Also returning for the second series is the talented 15 year old actor Mykola Allen as Martin, son of Esther Reeves, who has a dramatic storyline when he falls victim to a nasty accident.
The Derbyshire schoolboy (who attends the Derby Academy of Acting) has had a very successful acting career so far with roles in Being Human, Waterloo Road and a number of feature films.
He said: "I started acting when I was three years old and just carried on from there really. I don't have any secrets for learning my lines, I just try and get into the character and then everything follows on from there."
Mykola's mum, Wendy Allen, said: "I am very proud of him.
"He has loved acting from a very young age and one of his first roles was starring in a film alongside Emily Watson but recently his career has begun to really take off."
Neale Birch, director of Derby Academy of Acting, said: "He is a very talented young lad and is willing to make sacrifices for what he wants to do."

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