Thursday, July 29, 2010

Reel Skills

Reel Skills Productions©
Would you like to make a FILM?
Holiday Film Courses for Children

NB: Each course lasts 5 days

The films will be screened and the winning film judge by Katie Barlow will be shown at the Henley International Film Festival

Reel Skills Productions is run by Rachel Lloyd and in association with Sally King & Ann Koska, one of the top children’s casting agency’s based at Pinewood Film Studios.
Rachel is currently working on a feature film in which she has the lead role working with Hollywood Producer Gary Kurtz (Producer of Star Wars & Empire Strikes Back)

“Reel Skills” is the exciting team focusing on increasing drama and film skills for the youth of today…. for tomorrow!

Introducing a new and dynamic film course for children, enabling young people to develop their acting abilities on screen, and to enhance and increase their awareness of the diverse skill set required for all aspects of film production. 
With a view to expanding the vital communication and team working skills expected of a young person, not only in the film industry, but also in many of today’s work place environments.
The Course is split into 5 x 4 Hour intense Workshops covering the subjects from Screen Technique/acting to Lighting, Sound and Camera, culminating in the production of a short film, (Mentored by the Award Winning Production team of Transient Film Exchange), and cementing the skills acquired in the preliminary classes.

Special guest tutors (from Golden Globe Nominated Productions and British Award Winning ones too!)
Locations: London & Henley On Thames


15th August 19th August (Sunday –Thursday)
10yrs -18yrs

Rachel is very much looking forward to developing talent not only on screen but behind the scenes too! 
So, Whether you have a budding Actor/Producer/Director/Technical Wiz in your family, this course is a valuable opportunity to enhance and explore existing skills and develop and inspire new ones.
For more information contact Rachel Lloyd on 07737799216.
For more information on dates and bookings please contact Rachel Lloyd
Mobile 07737799216.

All Tutor’s are CRB Checked
Copyright ©2010 Rachel Lloyd. All rights reserved Registration number: 314362

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