Friday, August 27, 2010

Inbetweeners film starts shooting

The Inbetweeners cast have flown out to the holiday resort of Malia in Crete to start shooting on the Inbetweeners movie, which sees the show's characters on summer holiday abroad, aged 18.

"The four decide to go to Malia, a party town for mainly young British tourists on the Greek island of Crete," reads the film's press statement. "And if they felt slightly outside of mainstream teenage society in their suburban hometown then that feeling is magnified a thousand times in one of Europe's hedonistic hotspots."

Despite initial rumours of discontent between the series' star Simon Bird and its producers, it's recently been confirmed that he's definitely on board for the film, along with co-stars Joe Thomas, James Buckley, Blake Harrison (represented by Curtis Brown) and Emily Head.

In January, the cast get back together in London to film sequences back home.

The film won't be out until next year but the third series of The Inbetweeners is due to air in September on E4.

The 3rd series follows the often misguided footsteps of the four friends - Will, Simon, Neil and Jay, with more mishaps, embarrassing attempts to pull and the vital adult initiation - to lose their virginity and become men.
At the start of a new term, Carli (Emily Head) organises a charity fashion show which Simon eagerly agrees to take part in; Will tries to escape his reputation as the kid who shat himself in the exam; and Jay is still up to his neck in imaginary sexual experiences. Over the six episodes, the quartet also tries its hand at camping, gigs and some puff. All with disastrous consequences.
And, as the year goes on, one of the boys gets a proper, living breathing girlfriend - something the others find a little hard to take, but very easy to ridicule.

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