Saturday, August 28, 2010

Miliband of Brothers

Filming is underway on a satirical docu-drama about the Miliband brothers with the Lloyd-Hughes brothers cast in the starring roles.

25 year old Henry Lloyd-Hughes (represented by Curtis Brown) plays older brother David Miliband, whilst his younger brother Ben Lloyd-Hughes (also Curtis Brown) plays Ed. The Lloyd-Hughes brothers grew up in Hammersmith, London.

Henry, best known for his role as the bully Mark Donovan in The Inbetweeners, has recently starred in Punk Rock at the Lyric, Hammersmith, and in Posh at the Royal Court. Ben has previously appeared in Skins, Tormented and Personal Affairs.

Set in the 80s/90s, the More4 film, Miliband of Brothers (working title), will focus on the brothers' family background, boyhood and climb up the greasy pole of politics,  focussing on the rivalry between the brothers, who are both currently standing for the Labour leadership.

It's 1983. In his grand home in north London's fashionable Primrose Hill, Ralph Miliband, Marxist guru and hugely influential academic, is hosting an evening with fellow party insiders to try to thrash out the new leadership of the Labour party. He's determined there should be no drift away from the principles of the left. Also in the house are Ralph's teenage boys - the studious, earnest David and the self-confident Ed. They will have more influence on the next three decades of Labour's future than anyone might expect.
From birth, David and Ed's lives have been formed inside the fermenting petri dish of the changing Labour party. As they develop from teenage political anoraks to the Cabinet, their progress reflects the break-up of the British Left and the wildly varying fortunes of the Labour Party. Despite the often turbulent 13 years of Labour Government, their sibling bond has remained strong - until now...

A source explained: "It's going to be light-hearted and will ask the question, 'How did these brothers come to be in the highly unusual situation where they're both gunning for the same job?'"

The show has been written by David Quantick, who previously worked on Spitting Image. It is expected to air on September 24, the night before the new Labour leader is named.

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