Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Neverland finds its Peter Pan

The search for a young actor to play Peter Pan in the SyFy channel's / Sky Movies TV mini-series Neverland is finally over, with 14 year old Charlie Rowe, star of The Golden Compass and the soon-to-be released Never Let Me Go, cast in the role. Charlie will star alongside Rhys Ifans, Anna Friel, and Bob Hoskins.  

The miniseries will focus on orphaned Peter, part of a gang of pick-pocketing kids in turn-of-the-century London, led by Jimmy Hook (Rhys Ifans), who orders his thieves to steal a treasure that transports them all to Neverland; a jungle world thick with legend about eternal youth, where they discover a Native American Kaw tribe that have been protecting the secrets of tree spirits from 18th-century pirates led by Elizabeth Bonny (Anna Friel).
Bob Hoskins has also been cast as Hook's sidekick Smee. 

Filming will take place over the next 3 months in Ireland & Genoa, Italy.

And young Irish actor Patrick Gibson from Dublin has been cast as Curly, one of the Lost Boys. Patrick (represented by TN Enterprises in Ireland) attends Gonzaga College in Ranelagh (the same school as another talented young Irish actor Jack Gleeson) He comes from a family of actors, and made his first appearance at the age of five in a short film entitled Bye Bye Inkhead. Since then, he has played a number of roles in film and television including The Tudors and Primeval.

Also playing Lost Boys are three young actors from the Young Actors Theatre in Islington:

14 year old Chase Willoughby, who has also performed in the West End musical Oliver!,

13 year old Thomas Patten, who starred as Robert in the summer musical workshop production of Feather Boy at the National Theatre, as well as a number of other theatre roles.
and 13 year old Brandon Robinson who also recently wrapped on feature film Will, starring alongside Perry Eggleton.

James Ainsworth (represented by Linton Management) is also on board, playing the role of "Tootles". James appeared in last year's CBBC comedy drama Jinx.

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