Saturday, August 14, 2010

Updated casting call for Neverland

The search is still on for a young actor to play Peter Pan in NEVERLAND, a TV Mini Series - 2 x 2 Hours for SYFY & SKY MOVIES, directed by Nick Willing. The anticipated shoot dates are  September 5-November 18, 2010 in Ireland & Genoa, Italy, with rehearsals prior to this.

The new breakdown for Peter : 13/14 year olds, male, height is unimportant. Voice must not be deep; ideally the accent should be London, gently East End. Handsome, intelligent face, athletic body, a natural leader. Peter is an excellent fencer but there will be training for this during rehearsal period and also harness flying lessons. Must be able to swim to a reasonable level.Young actors with good camera experience will be prioritised. This is the last week of casting for this role.

Emails to for the attention of AMY HUBBARD.

Hubbard Casting are also looking for people to play members of the Kaw Tribe in

MUST BE SOUTH AMERICAN i.e. Peruvian, Colombian, Brazilian, Mexican, based in UK or Ireland.
In particular, those whose heritage is Peruvian Indian, for the following roles which have lines:

XYAHL - 13-18 years of age.
PRETTY KAW GIRL - 14-18 years of age
KAW SCOUTS AND KAW GUARD - age 16 right up to any age - male/female.

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  1. y not use the same peter who was in the first one?!