Friday, August 6, 2010

Waterloo Road Series 6 New Faces

Amongst the new faces joining the cast, Waterloo Road has a new head teacher in Karen Fisher (played by Amanda Burton) when the school drama returns this autumn on BBC One for a new series.

She brings with her a cheating husband, Charlie (Ian Puleston Davies), a rebellious daughter, Jess (Linzey Cocker), and bulimic son Harry (Ceallach Spellman).

New Year 12 pupil Jess is played by 23 year old Linzey Cocker (represented  by Hamilton Hodell) from Manchester. Linzey has been working steadily in film and TV since her screen debut playing Miriam — again as the daughter of Ian Puleston Davies — in the BBC crime drama Conviction in 2004. She is engaged to actor Oliver Lee and recently announced her pregnancy on Twitter.
Jess is cool, sarky, confident and aware of how pretty and popular she is. She is full of contradictions – on the one hand involving herself in an adult relationship with a man who doesn't know she's a schoolgirl and on the other playing games to be popular and lying to her parents to keep their approval. 

Jess's 15 year old brother, Harry "Piggy" Fisher is played by Ceallach Spellman (a pupil at Sylvia Young Theatre School). From Flixton, Ceallach made his stage debut aged seven as Chip in Beauty and the Beast and followed with a number of stage and TV roles including Blue Murder and The Cup.
Karen's youngest child Harry, or "Piggy" as he soon gets called, is self-deprecatingly funny and very witty. He is the first to take the mickey out of himself because he's learnt to get in there before anyone else.
With his sister Jess he can give as good as he gets but, in school, he has learnt to mutter his snide remarks and witticisms under his breath. Harry is intuitive and the first to suspect his father of having an affair. 

Screenterrier has already reported on the casting of Anna Jobarteh as fellow new pupil Ruth Kirby.
Ruth's 16 year old brother Jonah is played  by Lucien Laviscount (represented by Linton Management) a veteran of Grange Hill and Coronation Street.
Jonah had been chafing under the restrictive bonds of home-schooling for some time. Home-schooled by doting parents, who accept him for who he is, Jonah is always authentic. Unlike Jess, he is comfortable in his own skin. His great sacrifice is letting go of his close relationship with sister, Ruth – she's not enough for him anymore. When Jonah meets Jess, he realises she is the girl of his dreams. 

Ben Ryan Davies (represented by The Narrow Road Company) plays Ronan Burley. 22 year old Ben, also from Manchester, starred in Clay and CBBC's Jinx.
16 year old Ronan is an entrepreneur – he comes from a working-class family, always looking for a business opportunity and is obsessed with earning money. He's inspired by Alan Sugar and is the kind of boy who has thousands saved in the bank from his various schemes and pocket money.
But Ronan's schemes mask a troubled home life and, when he decides to cut ties with his parents, viewers come to see why he's so desperate to make an independent life for himself. Ronan's father is part of one of Manchester's biggest gangs and has earmarked Ronan to follow in his footsteps. Ronan has some brave decisions to make in his effort to escape a criminal future.

The sixth series of Waterloo Road is due to air on BBC1 in September.

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