Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tracy Beaker Returns - Meet the new characters

Following the huge success of Tracy Beaker Returns on CBBC, the Bafta-winning show is back with a drama-filled second series in the New Year.

21 year old Dani Harmer (represented by Cole Kitchenn) returns as Tracy and continues her new-found career as a carer at the Dumping Ground.

How does Dani find working with the predominately young cast?
"It is so much fun – I just wish I was a kid again as they always look like they're having a ball!" says Dani. "At first I was a little bit worried as they were all under 16 and I thought, oh my gosh it's going to be really noisy and a little bit crazy, and it can be, but those kids are the best cast I've ever worked with. They really are amazing actors and wonderful off set. They do come to me for advice sometimes but I'm not just there as another cast member I'm there as their friend as well, so if they're missing home or anything like that I'm always around to give them a cuddle."

There are some new faces in this series. The Dumping Ground welcomes two new residents, in the form of refugees Dayo, played by Mohammed Mansaray, and Ade, played by newcomer Timi Lamikanra (right).

The Yoruba speaking brothers arrive at the Dumping Ground having been found on a motorway. The brothers struggle to communicate and other young people's attempts to protect their new friends ends in disaster.

Timi, from Derby, is a member of the Nottingham-based Television Workshop.

13 year old Mohammed attends D&B Theatre School and comes from Bromley.

Also, in episode 6, a volatile new girl, Elektra, arrives at The Dumping Ground and immediately starts causing trouble by tricking people into doing initiations to become members of her gang. Elektra is played by newcomer Jessica Revell (represented by Kelly Management) from London.

The Series 1 cast returning:
Jessie Williams plays Lily Kettle; Amy-Leigh Hickman plays Carmen Howle; Richard Wisker plays Liam O'Donovan; Chris Slater plays Frank Matthews; Noah Murallo plays Gus Carmichael; Saffron Coomber plays Sapphire Fox; Graham Scott plays Harry Philip; John Bell plays Toby Coleman; Joe Maw plays Johnny Taylor; and Mia McKenna-Bruce plays Tee Taylor. There is just one minor cast change, with Rosie Kettle now played by Millie Redfearn.

The new series of Tracy Beaker Returns starts on Friday 7th January at 5pm on the CBBC channel.


  1. Wow! I wish I could be on tbr!

    1. to bad try harder and put a wee bit of effort in

  2. SO do I but I can't neither can you! :) :'(

  3. I am actually Elektra [The actor] It is so fun being her

  4. Why is your name imogen? It says Elektra is played by Jessica Revell

  5. I love tbr, it's great!
    ^^Why is your name Imogen then if Elektra is played by Jessica??
    One of the actors in tbr goes to my school loll! On the first day of school the whole year was around them :')

  6. imogen u r so lucky i really wanna meet john bell who plays toby i love him im twelve years old and i live in watford in england can u pplz tell him about about me that im a big fan and i love him and if its possible to write back to tibs_mckane_98@hotmail.co.uk thank you

  7. imogen is not Jessicca because i know all the cast.

  8. wow do you actualy know richard wisker?
    I love him. He's a great actor and he is soo fit :)

  9. which actor goes to your school tomek?
    wish i knew the actors/actresses.

  10. omg i love dumping ground i want to meet them any 1 noes how i can !!