Friday, January 7, 2011

Casting call for Warner Brothers film

DIXIE CHASSAY is a child casting director (ATONEMENT, HARRY POTTER and Prisoner of Azkaban)

She is currently looking for a Caucasian (no specific look) 9 year old boy (or must be 9 years by end of April 2011). Can be up to 11 years old if he is comes across as young for his age. It is for a Warner Brothers film starring Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes.

Anyone interested, please send:
- Name of child
- A clear picture
- Height
- Full contact details for parent


Assistant to Dixie Chassay

All auditions are invite only.


  1. Will you also be doing casting for the romantic comedy movie My Date with Harry Potter? Its suppose 2 have Daniel Radcliffe playing himself not a wizard. Hope Warner Bros is doing this soon. Thanx

  2. TraceyLynn,
    It sounds a rather unlikely film...

  3. Im an enthusiastic singer and actress with little experience. Is there ever a chance on me getting a part in things?