Monday, January 17, 2011

Cheerleaders 3D

Casting is getting underway for Cheerleaders 3D, a UK-based comedy dance film from Skins writer Ben Schiffer, and Misfits and Scouting Book for Boys director Tom Harper.

When an American teacher on an exchange programme attempts to bring cheerleading to a run-down school in Hackney, the squad she manages to recruit isn’t exactly what she had in mind. They’re bolshy, way out of shape and don’t seem to be interested in much other than fighting each other.
But in the quest to win the UK Cheerleading Championships, these inner London teenagers bring their own unique take to America’s latest export and discover that it can be a celebration of their own glittering identity.

The casting team are visiting dance and cheerleading groups looking for over 16 year olds who are highly-skilled in cheerleading, dance or gymnastics to play the 15 year old stars of the cheerleading squad.

The Cheerleaders script came second in the 2010 Brit List - a selection of the most liked and recommended unproduced screenplays.The film is scheduled to start shooting in April with an anticipated release in late 2011.

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