Saturday, January 8, 2011

George Sampson joins Waterloo Road

17 year old Britain's Got Talent winner George Sampson makes his TV acting debut as a troubled sixth form student called Kyle Stack, a new regular in the second block of the sixth series of the BBC school drama Waterloo Road, which returns to BBC One on the 2nd February 2011.

George (represented by CAM) has previously hinted that he sees his long-term future in acting rather than dancing. Whilst  promoting his role in feature film Streetdance 3D, he commented:
"Because I'm so used to dancing, I've kind of done everything I want to do in dance. There's more I can do, but acting is new and I'm learning stuff, kind of like a newbie, so I'm enjoying it more."

George will also return to the big screen in Streetdance 2, which is currently casting for new roles, and is due to shoot in March in the UK.


  1. will there be open UDITIONS FOR STREETDANCE?
    Will we be informed about the auditions ?

  2. They were casting for it at the end of last year. Specific calls for experienced dancers e.g.

    From Starnow last October.

    There was also a casting call in December with similar requirements for the two lead characters.
    The sequel will be set in a different time and different location to the original film but some actors will be returning including George, and Ashley Banjo from Diversity.