Friday, February 11, 2011

Skins star cast as Jack The Giant Killer

According to Deadline, 21 year old Nicholas Hoult has been offered the lead role and is negotiating to star in Jack the Giant Killer, the Bryan Singer-directed feature. Hoult is expected to close quickly, after emerging as the lead following a long testing process. Casting began back in November, with a number of British actors tipped for the role including Aaron Johnson and Alex Pettyfer.

The film is a darker version of the classic Jack & the Beanstalk fairy tale and starts with a shaky truce between humans and giants being broken. The title character leads an expedition into the giants’ kingdom in the hopes of rescuing a kidnapped princess.

After starring as a child alongside Hugh Grant in About a Boy, Nick, from Wokingham, got the lead role in the original UK series of Skins, and has since also starred in A Single Man. He plays The Beast in the up-coming X-Men:First-Class which was produced by Bryan Singer.

Hoult will also travel to Australia to film Fury Road, the George Miller-directed prequel to the Mad Max films, now scheduled to shoot next year.