Saturday, March 26, 2011

The two rival Snow Whites - UPDATED!!!!

Two rival Snow White films are due to go in to production this year, with two contrasting Snow Whites.

Twilight star Kristen Stewart has been confirmed to play Snow White in Rupert Sanders' Snow White and the Huntsman, with Charlize Theron expected to play the evil queen.

Snow White and the Hunstman is scheduled to shoot in London, Scotland and Germany in August 2011, and in this version the huntsman ordered to take Snow White into the woods to kill her, chooses instead to let her go and the pair make their escape together.  Its planned release date is December 2012.

And now Saoirse Ronan is believed to be in talks to star in Tarsem Singh's upcoming adult adaptation The Brothers Grimm: Snow White.

According to Deadline, the young Irish actress is said to be 'in discussions" for a leading role in The Brothers Grimm: Snow White. If cast, Ronan will join Armie Hammer, best known for playing the Winklevoss twins in last year's The Social Network, as well as Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen.

The Brothers Grimm: Snow White (aka Snow White 3D) is scheduled to shoot in Montreal, Canada in June 2011, and tells the story of Snow White banding together with a gang of seven quarrelsome dwarfs to reclaim what is rightly hers, after her evil stepmother kills her father and destroys the kingdom. It is scheduled for release in June 2012.

22 year old Lily Collins, daughter of rock musician Phil Collins, is to be Snow White in Tarsem Singh's film. Commenting on Collins's recruitment to the project, Singh said: "I saw her eyebrows, and I said, 'You're it'. When I first saw her, I think she was trying for the part, but when I saw her I just said, 'She doesn't even have to try at all'."

Saoirse Ronan is now reported to be in talks for a role in Atonement and Hanna director Joe Wright's next film, Anna Karenina with Keira Knightley.

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