Sunday, May 29, 2011

First look at The Fades

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First look at The Fades, the brand new horror drama written by Jack Thorne which is coming to BBC3 in September 2011. Currently shooting, the series is set to wrap in the next three weeks.

The series will tell the story of Paul (played by Coronation Street and River City actor Iain De Caestecker), a young man who suffers from terrifying apocalyptic dreams. Dreams that neither his best friend Mac (Daniel Kaluuya) nor his therapist can help him understand and provide answers as to their meaning. The dreams however are the least of Paul’s problems. As the series begins he is starting to see the spirits of the dead all around him. These spirits, or Fades as they are known in the series lore, are all around us, not able to be touched or smelt and as such are therefore invisible to all humanity. All humanity it seems, except Paul.

Lily Loveless is also in the cast, starring as Anna, Paul's twin sister, fierce and uncompromising who finds being related to someone like Paul rather annoying.

And another Skins star, Joe Dempsie (currently to be seen in HBO's Game of Thrones) plays John.

The Fades has been commissioned by the BBC initially for one season consisting of 6 episodes to be shown in September 2011, time and date still to be announced.

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