Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Peter Pan in Scarlet

Great Ormond Street Hospital entrusted the film and TV rights for Peter Pan in Scarlet to BBC Films back in December 2006.  The official sequel to JM Barrie's original book, Peter Pan in Scarlet was written by award-winning author Geraldine McCaughrean in 2005.

BBC Films have now announced at Cannes that the film is officially in development with Paul King (Bunny and the Bull) bringing his unique imagination and screen writing skills to the project. Infused with the mischievous spirit of Barrie’s original, this restores a distinctly British flavour to the famous story and will be produced by Stewart Mackinnon at Headline Pictures.

In Peter Pan In Scarlet grown-ups become children again, as Wendy, John and the Lost Boys join Peter Pan for more adventures.
Neverland is sadly changed but the spirit of Captain Hook lives on. Wendy and the Lost Boys are dreaming of Neverland. Strange. because they have all grown up.
Tootles is a portly judge; Curly is a doctor; Slightly is a baronet. Wendy, now a wife and mother, decides that Neverland is in trouble. They must find a way to go back.
And so these respectable mothers and fathers put on their children's clothes to become children again. Alas, Tootles has only daughters, so he becomes a little girl.
Armed with fairy dust and Tinker Bell's replacement, Fireflyer, they take flight.

Screenterrier will post further updates when casting and filming begin.


  1. i hope i get a chance to audition for this !

  2. Oh this sounds cool! They haven't started casting yet? Oh that's good, I stand a chance then, haha. They probably won't hold auditions in Ireland though :L

  3. hope details on casting are updated soon!

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  5. has the casting process started yet