Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New CBBC series Postcode casting news

Filming started this week on new CBBC drama Postcode. You can check out the casting call Screenterrier posted for this series back in May here.

Written by BAFTA-winning writer Tony Marchant, the specially-commissioned, three-part drama, is being filmed entirely on location in South London.

It's a contemporary, urban drama set in a neighbourhood in transition – a cosmopolitan melting pot where kids from well-heeled families live side-by-side with asylum seekers, Postcode will chart the ups and downs of a diverse set of characters as they rub shoulders on a daily basis.

Rwanda-born 17 year old Roger Nsengiyumva, from Norwich, who made his screen debut last year in feature film Africa United takes the lead role of Jamal.

He is joined by newcomer Manpreet Bambra as female lead Sheela, alongside Sebastian Nanena, who recently filmed Twenty8K.

Newcomer 17 year old Robert Eades from London plays Zak, with 15 year old Alice Sykes (represented by Troika) as his younger sister Alice.

16 year old Billy Elliot and Beautiful People star Layton Williams, a student at Italia Conti, plays Sheela's best friend Russell.

Dominic Applewhite (represented  by Jackie Palmer Agency) plays Zak's best friend Freddie.

Postcode will follow the friendships and frustrations among a group of young people – from backgrounds as diverse as Somalian, Polish, Pakistani and Irish – who share a postcode but very little else. With some families facing deportation and others worrying about maintaining their family lifestyle, on the surface they have little in common. But united by football, music and the laws of the street, the youngsters have to find a way to get along.  

Sue Nott, executive producer for CBBC, added: "Postcode offers the CBBC audience a bold look at contemporary Britain seen through the eyes of young people. It deals with the reality of life faced by them on a daily basis, as their neighbourhoods evolve and change."


  1. This is Sebastian Applewhite's Brother (Like) him.

  2. racist show, personally as a somali i know many somali actors which would have gladly played jamal. But its now just that, painting somalis as dysfunctional fammilies made refugees because theyre afraid of bieng 'killed like goats' as jamal said in the latest episode.

    To me cbbc is planting a preverted image of minorities to young minds.