Sunday, July 31, 2011

One Night

Filming is underway in London on new BBC drama One Night. The four-part series is written by aPaul Smith (Desperadoes) with Spaced star Jessica Hynes and Douglas Hodge (Robin Hood, Mansfield Park) headlining the cast.

They are joined by Georgina Campbell (represented by Bloomfields Management) playing rebellious but bright teenager Rochelle in the 2nd episode and newcomer Billy Matthews (represented by BWH Agency) who plays 12-year-old Alfie in the final episode. A few hours short of his 13th birthday, after an evening out with his mates, a rite-of-passage event forces him to make the most grown-up decision of his young life.

The opening episode centres around the story of Ted (Douglas Hodge). After years of hard work, Ted's future looks uncertain. On the day he is throwing a barbecue to impress his boss, a teenager from a nearby estate refuses to pick up the litter dropped outside Ted's house and he decides to take action - with life-changing consequences.

In Episode Two, the story centres on Rochelle (Georgina Campbell) the seemingly rebellious teenager from Ted's story – but will Rochelle's bright academic future be in jeopardy because of Ted's actions?

Episode Three focuses on Carol (Jessica Hynes), Rochelle's mum. Carol has to contend with three kids and a job she dislikes. She also harbours an ambition to have her own on-stage career. But when her eldest son, Jake (Joshua Osei), tells her the police are looking for him, will she defend him or hand him over?

One Night is due to be broadcast on BBC One in the Autumn/Winter schedule.


  1. what is the song used for the one night advert

    1. It's been bugging me as well. Knew I'd heard it somewhere else, just had to remember where. It's Sail by AWOLNATION.

    2. It was bugging me as well as I knew I'd heard it somewhere else. Finally remembered which video it was in! It's Sail by AWOLNATION.