Friday, July 1, 2011

Watch the trailer for The Hour

BBC2 has unveiled the first look at its 1950s news room drama The Hour, written by Abi Morgan and starring Romola Garai, Dominic West, and Ben Whishaw.

Set on a British topical news programme at the time of the Suez Crisis, it's due to premiere on BBC Two week commencing the 16th July 2011, day and time to be confirmed.

Ben Whishaw plays Freddie Lyon, a brilliant and outspoken journalist, whose passion endlessly lands him in trouble. Getting to the truth of a story can be a dangerous and risky business and it's Bel, his contemporary and best friend, who is always there to bail him out. For Freddie, Bel is so much more as well – if only he were brave enough to tell her.

Romola Garai plays Bel Rowley, spirited and ambitious and facing the most exciting and daunting challenge of her life – running The Hour. Can her passion for the truth survive the political pressure the job will bring – and will her friendship with Freddie survive her undeniable attraction to front man Hector?

Dominic West plays Hector Madden, charming, charismatic – a man whose upbringing and education have instilled in him a sense of entitlement and whose glamorous young wife has the family connections to get him the job as front man on The Hour. But, beneath the confident façade, Hector has a lot to prove. Bel provides the challenge – and the spark.


  1. Trailer music for The Hour is Horace Silver - "Senõr Blues".
    (...incase anyone wondered; it's a brilliant classic ;-)

  2. Thanks jimthing, this was exactly what I was looking for!