Friday, August 5, 2011

Check out the Powder trailer

Screenterrier reported back in 2009 on the filming of Powder, the adaptation of Kevin Sampson's rock and roll novel about a small time band that makes it big in the music industry and succumbs to all the evils it has to offer. Now the film, packed full of up-and-coming young actors gets an official release day of 26th August 2011. Check out the trailer below.

Made by the team behind Awaydays and filmed on location in Ibiza, London, Liverpool and live at the V Festival, Powder is an unflinching journey into the tortured psyche of a musical genius.

Directed by Mark Elliot, and written by Kevin Sampson, the film stars Liam Boyle (represented by CAM) as Keva, and Alfie Allen (recently seen in Game of Thrones) as Wheezer, the hapless manager of the band The Grams. Oliver Lee plays guitarist James Love and the film also features Screenterrier Face to Watch from 2009 Jo Woodcock (now also represented by CAM) in her second big screen role, and Vinette Robinson (Hope Springs).

Most young bands get started for fun; to get laid; to see the world beyond your own front door. For Keva McCluskey, it’s a compulsion. He writes and performs because he has to – he has no choice. Keva isn’t interested in success – yet his paradox is that he needs to play if he’s to exorcise the demons that haunt him. In following Keva’s plight to put his ghosts to rest and make sense of the songs buried deep in his troubled soul, we take a journey to his heart of darkness and share his fears, and dreams of light at the end of the road.

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