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Outnumbered returns for fourth series

Outnumbered, the multi-award-winning comedy series from Hat Trick Productions, which captures the turbulent chaos of family life, is back on BBC One with a new six-part series starting on Friday 2 September and followed by a Christmas special.

In the new series, the family is confronted by an array of issues ranging from death, drugs, terrorism and getting old, to food science, Top Gear, the joy of ventriloquism and the perils of Subbuteo.

The casting director avoided stage-school talent, instead undertaking a lengthy audition process which involved lots of game playing, determined to find children who would enjoy the filming process. So the three juvenile leads came out at the top of the fairly exhausting casting process. Andy: "They're all really interesting to watch and they've all got very interesting, funny personalities. Confident, but also excellent actors."

Tyger Drew-Honey returns as Jake Brockman
Tyger was born Lindzi James Tyger Drew-Honey, he is now 15 years old, having taken on the role of Jake when he was 11.
His busy and successful career was kick-started after he was spotted by a top London agent when he was performing in his school play. Tyger injected a huge number of laughs into their version of Treasure Island by playing his Squire Trelawney à la Leslie Phillips! The agent was so impressed by Tyger's comedic performance, timing and self-confidence that she signed him up on the spot. Just weeks later Tyger was recording his first voice-over for a television awareness campaign for Philips.
Tyger was seen as a regular character (Tactless Dad's somewhat bewildered son) in The Armstrong & Miller Show for BBC One.
He was nominated for Best Male Newcomer at the 2009 British Comedy Awards.
He has undertaken more than 100 voiceovers for TV, radio and advertisements, including the voice of Lester Large, an elephant in the CBeebies' animated TV series The Large Family. Tyger is now the gaming and gadget presenter on CBBC's weekly show Friday Download. He filmed the first couple of episodes while working on the fourth series of Outnumbered. It started screening on Friday 6 May at 5.30pm on CBBC and is repeated on BBC Two on Sunday mornings.
Tyger is an accomplished drummer and started playing when he was seven years old. He is also a karate green belt.
Tyger says: "The bits that I enjoy most about filming Outnumbered are the people and the food. On set we are all just like a big family. But OH MY GOD, the food! We have an amazing cook called Pam and every single day we're served delicious meals. My personal favourite is her heavenly banoffee pie."

Daniel Roche plays Ben Brockman
Daniel is 11 years old. He has grown up with Outnumbered, having joined the show at the age of seven. It took him five auditions to land the role of Ben.
He is quite a character and can get up to mischief on set because he is so inquisitive: he freely admits that everyone is always telling him not to touch things.
When Daniel was just four years old, a neighbour asked his mother Judy if he would accompany her daughter to the Susi Earnshaw Theatre School on a Saturday morning. Three weeks later he had an agent and two weeks after that he was cast in his first TV commercial.
At five he played a boy with special needs who threw himself off a roof trying to emulate a superhero in an episode of Casualty.
Daniel was also nominated for Best Male Newcomer at the 2009 British Comedy Awards.
He had to have all his famous long curls cut off when he landed the lead role of William Brown in the BBC's Just William which was set in the Fifties, and was forced to leave the house in a large woollen hat to prevent a waiting paparazzo taking a photo of his new haircut before the BBC were ready to issue a photo of him in character. Dan was particularly pleased to get the part as he used to listen to the Martin Jarvis audio-tapes. He loved the Fifties spud gun he was given at the end of filming and the outlaws' den, which was filled with skulls and Red Indian paraphernalia. But he found the costumes "slightly itchy".
He also played a young Stephen Fry in Sky 1's Little Crackers with Fry playing his own headmaster.
One of the most popular internet searches and forum discussions regarding Daniel is whether or not he is related to Alan Davies. He is actually the son of the Sun's rugby correspondent Tony Roche and of Judy who is a former newspaper picture editor.
Daniel plays rugby for the Saracens Under 11 team.
Over the years Daniel has considered being a forensic palaeontologist, a novelist or a journalist. He would like to go to Cambridge to read either history or English literature after which he might become an archaeologist.
But Daniel still has a dream role: "I'd like to play a mad man, a crazed villain, like the Joker in Batman, someone wild. I bet that would be fun. And I think I'd be pretty good at it." But he definitely has no plans to go to Hollywood and become a film star: "It would be far too hot for me!"

Ramona Marquez plays Karen Brockman
Ramona was just 5 years old when she first appeared in Outnumbered.
The first series of Outnumbered marked Ramona's first acting role. She was spotted by Guy's wife at a birthday party, as he explains: "She had an interesting personality and was sure of herself without being precocious." Ramona quickly endeared herself with her natural and warm performances as Karen. And she learnt a good deal from her on-screen siblings, adding that she now looks upon Tyger as a big brother – to add to her two real-life brothers and sister.
Her father Martin is an actor and starred in Hotel Babylon as the barman Gino Primirola. Her uncle John is also an actor.
Ramona is part Spanish on her father's side, which is where she gets her brown eyes and Spanish name from.
In 2009 Ramona won the British Comedy Award for Best Female Comedy Newcomer, making her the youngest winner of a British Comedy Award in its 20-year history. On receiving her award Ramona made one of the shortest ever acceptance speeches: "I just want to say thank you and I am very happy to have the award."
More recently Ramona played Princess Margaret in the Oscar Award winning film The King's Speech, alongside Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter.
This marked the second time Ramona has played the on-screen daughter of Helena Bonham Carter, previously appearing in BBC Four's Enid as Imogen Pollock, daughter of Enid Blyton played by Bonham Carter.

 Written by the creators of Drop The Dead Donkey, Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin, Outnumbered also stars Hugh Dennis (Mock The Week, Hugh And Oz Raise The Bar, The Now Show), Claire Skinner (Trinity, Sense And Sensibility, Life Begins), Samantha Bond (Die Another Day, Downton Abbey), and David Ryall (Harry Potter – The Deathly Hallows, The League Of Gentlemen's Apocalypse).

The new six-part series starts on Friday 2nd September on BBC1.

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