Sunday, September 4, 2011

Casting call for teenage boy

Exciting low budget feature film called THE FORGOTTEN

Role : Tommy (lead)

Title : The Forgotten

Company : Stickyback Pictures

Written by Oliver Frampton & James Hall

Directed by Oliver Frampton

Produced by Jenn Handorf

Shooting : 8th – 23rd October 2011

Location: South London

Fee: £40 per day , plus expenses & back end deal (percentage of films profits) This is a micro budget film.

Looking for : 16 / 17 (above licensing age) year old Caucasian boy
Must be able to play down to 14/15 so must be under 5ft 7”
Tommy is an old soul, 15 going on 50, bright , articulate but withdrawn, creative with a flare for art. A victim of a broken home, a mentally disturbed mother and a father prone to violence. He has an inner strength and warmth and confronts the most terrifying of situations This is an incredible role for an amazing young actor, he carries the entire film and we need an young actor who has the ability to hit an array of emotions. We need to believe that this boy is withdrawn and has retreated into his own world, so the more characterful the actor is the better.

Written by former colleagues from The Bill producer James Hall and script editor Ollie Frampton, this is a terrifying old fashioned Ghost story but set in a modern urban setting.

'When his mum suffers a nervous breakdown 14 year old Tommy is sent to live with his father in a run down tower block on an estate gripped by poverty and violence. His father Mark is battling his own demons, caring for his insular teenage son was not part of his plan. In his new bedroom in their run down flat , Tommy is woken each night to a soft padding sound as if someone were crawling up the wall on the opposite side. One morning he wakes to find his entire mattress, sleeping bag and himself have been dragged to the other side of the room and pressed up against that wall!!!…someone or something is trying to get his attention? someone or something is in that flat next door? Gripped with increasing terror , Tommy has to confront not only Marks growing disturbed behaviour but also clearly an unseen force that rages in the decrepit apartment next door... '

Casting director Daniel Edwards will be meeting actors during this week and next Saturday (10th) so a quick response would be great.

A recent CV and photo should be emailed to as soon as possible.

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