Thursday, September 22, 2011

First look at Dark Shadows cast

The first official photo from Tim Burton’s highly anticipated vampire saga Dark Shadows has been released via Entertainment Weekly.

The film stars Johnny Depp as vampire Barnabas Collins, alongside Jonny Lee Miller, Michelle Pfeiffer, Eva Green, and Jackie Earl Haley.

Helena Bonham Carter plays prim and proper psychiatrist, Dr. Julia Hoffmanwho has taken up residence with the Collins family to care for their troubled youngest boy,

David Collins played by Gulliver McGrathLonely, confused, and neglected by his pompous father (Jonny Lee Miller, over on the right next to Pfeiffer), David has no one to confide in except his bizarre psychiatrist — and the dead people he claims to see. Grahame-Smith describes him as “a sweet, curious, precocious little boy whose family has branded him as slightly crazy.”

Chloe Moretz plays Carolyn Stoddard a young cousin of young David Collins (and daughter of Michelle Pfeiffer’s character, seen on the far right) who isn’t without her own peculiarities. “Carolyn is your typical early-1970s teenager,” Grahame-Smith says. “She likes her music and likes her magazines, and does not like anyone in her family. She likes to keep her door closed and keep to herself. She’s pretty normal, but appearances can be deceiving. I wouldn’t say there is a normal person in this photo.”

Australian actress Bella Heathcote is Victoria Winters, the young woman who arrives to become David’s new governess, only to find herself swept up in the vampire-witch melodrama.

Director Burton felt inspired to snap this shot of his entire cast by the original soap opera on which his film is based. “I remember seeing a group photograph of the cast of the original series. For me it captured the weird Dark Shadows vibe in a single image. I had a brief window of opportunity to have our cast present at the same time, the day before principle photography began. We decided to stage a similar picture instead of rehearsing, to see if we captured the Dark Shadows feeling.”

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