Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First look at Skins Series 6

The Skins Series 5 gang are all set to return along with a new character, Alex, played by Sam Jackson (a member of Northern Film and Drama, now represented by Hamilton Hodell) from Leeds, when Skins returns to E4 for a sixth series this January.

Sam said of his character: “Alex is at first very mysterious, I think he comes across as quite elusive and you’re not really sure what he’s all about. He’s very charismatic and confident in himself and is very flirty, he flirts with both genders, and doesn’t care.

"He comes into the series at a point where the gang are a bit down, they’re very unhappy and he finds it difficult to make friends with the gang, they don’t really like accepting someone new but he manages to befriend Liv who takes a shine to him and you see their friendship develop and eventually he gets into the gang, bringing them some much needed excitement and energy.”

“I’m the new boy so meeting the gang at first it was a bit nerve-racking, I felt a lot of pressure joining because I watched the last series so seeing all the guys on screen and then meeting them and actually joining them, then working with them was a bit scary. But the guys are brilliant and have really looked after me.”

Channel 4's commissioning editor Ben Stoll said it'll be an "explosive and richly dramatic series" and will go "where others daren't", while the show's exec John Griffin said it'll be the "most exciting and adventurous" bunch of episodes yet...

 Freya Mavor returns as Mini.

Alex Arnold as Rich.

Jessica Sula as Grace.

Sebastian De Souza as Matty.

Dakota Blue Richards as Franky.

Sean Teale as Nick.

Laya Lewis as Liv.

Will Merrick as Alo.

Skins returns to E4 in January.

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