Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How I Live Now casting news

17 year old Saoirse Ronan (represented by MacFarlane Chard in the UK) has been cast in the lead role of New Yorker Daisy in the up-coming film adaptation of Meg Rosoff's best-selling young adult novel How I Live Now.

Daisy is a teenage girl from New York City who travels to England to spend the summer with family in the English countryside. When World War III breaks out and insurgents invade, Daisy and her young cousin Piper must survive alone in the woods as they try to make it to safety.

Kevin McDonald, who helmed the BAFTA and Oscar-winning Last King of Scotland, is to direct from a screenplay by Jeremy Brock and Toni Grisoni.

Here's the book's synopsis:
15 year old Daisy is sent from New York to England to spend a summer with cousins she has never met. They are Isaac, Edmond, Osbert and Piper. And two dogs and a goat. She's never met anyone quite like them before - and, as a dreamy English summer progresses, Daisy finds herself caught in a timeless bubble. It seems like the perfect summer. But their lives are about to explode.
Falling in love is just the start of it. War breaks out - a war none of them understands, or really cares about, until it lands on their doorstep. The family is separated. The perfect summer is blown apart. Daisy's life is changed forever - and the world is too.

Saoirse is currently shooting vampire thriller Byzantium alongside Gemma Arterton in Co Wicklow, Ireland.


  1. I auditioned for this 5 years ago as Piper! xD I'm now older than Daisy haha I wondered when the studio would get their act together. Honestly though, she's a brilliant actress but they've got to stop using Saoirse in everything.

  2. "Honestly though, she's a brilliant actress but they've got to stop using Saoirse in everything."

    Everything? I think you're mixing "seeing her" everywhere to "hearing her being cast as of late."

    Just based on planned release dates, she had two in 2011 - one in April (Hanna) and one in late fall/winter (V&D). Byzantium has a proposed late 2012 release date. The Host an early 2013 date. I would assume How I Live Now will have a late 2013 date depending on when the start principle photography.

    So, just based on release dates: that's two in 2011. One in 2012. Two in 2013. The years with two releases have bookend release dates. That's almost DiCaprio selectivity there.

    So yea, "everything" hold's little water.

  3. So glad Saoirse is cast in this, she's amazing! :)

    Btw Goldenrush Apple, she was also in Arietty in 2011 :)

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  5. i think it's probably going to be released early next year seeing as i'm auditioning for edmond and the brief i have says that general photography starts aorund july time