Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hit and Miss

Academy Award® nominee and Golden Globe® winner ChloĆ« Sevigny stars in Hit and Miss, Sky's first original drama commission, written by Paul Abbott. Chloe takes the lead role of Mia, a contract killer with a big secret: she's a transgender woman.

Mia's life is sent into a tailspin when she receives a letter from her ex, Wendy, who reveals that she's dying from cancer and that Mia had fathered a son, 11-year-old Ryan, who will be played by newcomer Jorden Bennie.

Travelling to a tiny village in West Yorkshire to see the boy, Mia then discovers the rest of Wendy's brood:

16-year-old Riley is played by Karla Crome from London. 23 year old Karla (represented by Troika) is a graduate of Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts and is also a talented writer, with her play If Chloe Can recently produced by the National Youth Theatre.

15 year old Levi is played by Reece Noi. 23 year old Reece (represented by Curtis Brown) is from Manchester, and started his acting career as a child, going on to appear in Grange Hill and Waterloo Road. Most recently he appeared in BBC law drama Silk and also stars in British indie feature Seamonsters.

And the youngest member of the family, 6-year-old Leonie is played by newcomer Roma Christensen.  Roma is a member of Stage 84, the Yorkshire School of Performing Arts, and  recently appeared in Beauty and the Beast at the Alhambra in Bradford.

Hit and Miss is about family, sexual identity and the highs and lows of being a parent. It follows Mia's attempts to mix her killer instincts with her new maternal ones and her search for identity. Having a lethal killer at the heart of a troubled family will dramatically change all of their lives forever.

Hit and Miss also stars Peter Wight as Eddie, Mia's handler and a well-known name in the criminal underworld, Robin Hood's Jonas Armstrong as landscape gardener Ben, who lives in the village and falls for Mia, unaware of her transgendered status.
Vincent Regan (300, Clash of The Titans) plays John, a farmer who owns the smallholding where the Mia and the family live. He considers himself a hard man and is disliked in the village. He lives with his wife Penny (Erin Shanagher) and son Aaron  played by 13 year old Jordan Hill (represented by Laine Management).
The cast also includes Ethan Griffin (Marchlands) as Andy, Steve Money (EastEnders) as Wayne, and Ben Crompton (Going Postal) as Liam.

The 6 part series airs on Sky Atlantic this Spring, date tbc.

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