Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pramface coming soon to BBC3

Pramface is a new 6-part comedy series, about two teenagers trying, and often failing, to come to terms with impending parenthood, coming to BBC Three.

Laura, 18, and Jamie, 16, meet at a sixth form party after completing their respective A-Level and GCSE exams. But little can prepare them for the result of their brief, drunken hook-up.

From the moment Laura discovers she is pregnant, the series follows the couple as they face the big moments and even bigger decisions about life and responsibility across those all important nine months.

Scarlett Alice Johnson (represented by United Agents), who played Vicki Fowler in EastEnders back in 2003, stars as Laura Derbyshire, an 18 year old who has everything going for her. After years of conscientious study she excelled in her exams and in a few weeks she’ll be escaping home for university and independence. This is all coming at the right time for Laura, as her relationship with her warring parents is at an all time low. So despite being grounded, when she’s invited to the party of the summer Laura sneaks out, determined to cut loose and have some fun. But weeks later, she’s horrified when she discovers that the fun, cute guy from the party is in fact a 16 year old boy. And now she has to come to terms with the fact she’s not going to be alone again for a very long time.

Sean Verey (represented by Curtis Brown) stars as Jamie Prince who crashes a sixth-form party and can't believe his luck when he meets party-girl Laura. However, the next morning, worried that a now-sober Laura may react badly to the revelation he’s only 16, he leaves before she wakes. But not before scribbling his number down in the unlikely event she wants to see him again. He’s therefore doubly stunned when Laura does eventually call him a few weeks later with the news that he is going to be a dad. But Jamie’s a good lad and he’s determined to do the right thing. He’s just not sure what that is yet.

Yasmin Paige (also Curtis Brown), who starred most recently as Jordana in the acclaimed feature film Submarine, plays Jamie's friend Beth Mitchell. Beth is smarter than most people around her, but never gets taken seriously because she looks much younger than her 16 years. Her unrequited love for Jamie is exquisitely painful for her. These twin frustrations mean Beth has a tendency to ‘go off on one’ at the slightest provocation.

Dylan Edwards plays Jamie's best friend Mike with Emer Kenny (from Eastenders E20, and who also writes for Skins) as Laura's best friend Danielle.

Angus Deayton and Anna Chancellor take on the roles of Laura’s parents and Ben Crompton and Bronagh Gallagher play Jamie’s parents. 

Pramface was written by Chris Reddy, directed by Dan Zeff and is a BBC/Little Comet production for BBC Three.

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