Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Skins 6 Episode 1 Monday 23rd January 10pm E4!

The Skins gang return in style on Monday 23rd January at 10pm on E4,  burning their way through a holiday in Morocco.

But what begins as a hedonistic fortnight before their return to college turns into a living hell. By the time they return to Bristol everything has changed.

Friendships fall apart whilst complicated and toxic relationships begin. And there are strangers in the mix who could either save or destroy them...

Franky (Dakota Blue Richards) goes through a sexual awakening that unleashes a wild and unpredictable side to her when she meets Luke (Joe Cole).

In Franky's wake trails Matty (Sebastian De Souza), deeply in love and about to get himself into even deeper trouble. Meanwhile Nick (Sean Teale) slowly begins to realise just what his brother sees in Franky.

Grace (Jessica Sula) and Rich (Alexander Arnold) are closer than ever, but the future holds something unexpected in store for them. Alo (Will Merrick) is no longer a virgin and the world is his oyster. But his refusal to grow up causes big problems for him and those who love him, forcing Alo to step up and fulfil his potential.

The boundaries of Liv (Laya Lewis) and Mini's (Freya Mavor) friendship are tested to the limit as they struggle to deal with life-changing events. Mini carries a secret and finds out what it's like to grow up too quickly, while Liv gravitates towards new boy Alex (Sam Jackson) who crash lands into our gang's world at just the right time. Alex doesn't know it yet, but this strange, observant and independent boy will learn the value of friendship while binding this group of friends together as the world drags them kicking and screaming into adulthood.

"Series six looks to be the most exciting and adventurous Skins run ever. The young writing team have taken the characters they established last year on incredible journeys of self-discovery. Just before their final year at Roundview begins, they go on holiday together and their lives are turned upside down. Set and shot in Morocco the cast and crew have excelled themselves with an extraordinary first episode that includes sun, sex, swimming pools, beach parties and a shocking and devastating car crash. What follows is nine more episodes of the brilliantly written, brilliantly performed fall out." - John Griffin, Executive Producer.

Series six features guest appearances from Chris Addison as Professor Blood, Giles Thomas as Doug, John Sessions as Geoff, Clare Grogan as Shelly, Dan Black as Rider and Josie Long as Josie, alongside new guest artists Fenella Fielding, Liza Tarbuck, Isy Suttie, Sarah Solemani, Karl Theobald, Dawn Porter and Joe Cole as Luke.

Skins is made by Company Pictures for E4.

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