Monday, February 27, 2012

Bad Education

Production begins this week on a new 6-part comedy drama series for BBC Three called Bad Education, written by and starring comedian and Fresh Meat star Jack Whitehall. Jack plays Alfie, the worst teacher ever to grace the British education system.

Co-written with Freddie Syborn, and produced by Tiger Aspect, Bad Education is a comedy about a teacher who’s a bigger kid then the pupils he teaches.

Alfie Wicker was always a loser; the kid that everyone gave up hope in, dropping back year after year at school and at university. But, in the end, he scraped through and got his PGCSE. And now, he’s got his first job as a teacher of a support class. His class is made up of pupils struggling to get through their GCSE’s and it’s his job to give them extra tuition in a selection of key topics. So, in a highly ironic way, he’s now kind of teaching himself eight years previously. He loves his pupils. And while, he makes mistakes a plenty along the way he genuinely has their best interests at heart. It’s just that a love interest, a computer game or the opportunity of getting off his head sometimes, well, complicate things.

The series will also feature Mat Horne, and some of the young actors playing Alfie's pupils include Layton Williams (Postcode), Charlie Wernham (School of Comedy), and Jack Binstead.

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