Sunday, February 12, 2012

CBBC returning series

CBBC is celebrating its 10th birthday this year, and as well as some exciting new series for 2012 already announced (Aliens Vs Wizards, Wolfblood and The Knot), there's some old favourites returning too.

We had to wait three years for a 3rd series of Young Dracula, the irreverent, gothic comedy-drama which takes a fresh look at the bizarre family fortunes of the Draculas, but fortunately there's not going to be such a long wait for the 4th!

The fourth series (13x30 minutes) will be swooping back onto CBBC later this year, and it promises more family in fighting with the regular favourites, but also introduces jeopardy and intrigue from new and unlikely sources.
It's set to shoot in Liverpool in a couple of months time.

Science-fiction action adventure series, The Sparticle Mystery, is back on CBBC for a second series in early 2013.

The ground-breaking drama follows a group of children left to fend for themselves when a science experiment goes wrong.  Faced with a world without adults, the children are given total freedom to be themselves and a race begins – some want to restore the world back to how it was before, and others are determined to prevent the adults returning...
The 10 x 28 minute series, made by Sparticle Productions, is expected to shoot this summer.

Currently filming in South Africa, Kindle Entertainment's Leonardo is also back for a second series.

 Set against the breathtaking backdrop of 15th century Florence, the programme follows the adventures of the teenage Leonardo da Vinci and his group of friends, and is packed full of mystery, adventure and comedy.

And finally the ever-popular M.I High is set to return for a 6th series with a new cast, as a  brand new team of spies in a brand new school are set to battle against a brand new, even more villainous villain.

The staff and pupils of the new school are still oblivious to the same big secret.  Deep beneath the school lies the secret headquarters of M.I. High – an exclusive division of highly-trained teenage spies.

M.I. High (13x30 minute episodes) is made by Kudos and is due to air early next year.


  1. Will there be any open castings for M.I high?

  2. Are there auditions for any of the shows?

  3. Dear M.I.High casting group My name Brandon Gorman and I am 12 years old and in year 7 all I have wanted to all my life is act! In school I always try to get the big acting parts. Some time I Evan play M.I.High with my spy pencil I made a spy switch and also try making my own spy gadgets. People make fun of my talent I would love to put my spying to the test!I went to acting lesson's for three years and had a certificate for my acting. If you want to contact me please find me on Facebook Brandon Gorman or ho tmail thank you Agent: Gorman (Brandon) OUT!

  4. are there any casting calls for MI High