Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rufus casting news

Photo credit: Will Thomas Freeman
Back in September last year, an open casting was held in London to find a 16 year old boy to play the lead role in Rufus, a sophisticated coming-of-age vampire movie filming in Canada.

Newcomer Rory Saper was spotted after casting assistant Olivia Brittain found some short films he and a friend posted to YouTube and invited him to attend an audition with casting director Amelia Hashemi - and he landed the role!

Director David Schultz knew right away the young actor had what he was looking for, even with his limited experience.

"We looked at about 300 kids. It's really tough to find a 15-year-old. Casting agents usually give you someone who is 18, 19," he says. "Rory came in at the last minute and when he walked in, I thought, 'This is the kid.' Of course, the producer is all stressed and says, 'We looked at 300 kids and of course you're going to choose the one that's never acted.'"

He is currently in Saskatchewan, Canada; shooting began at the end of January and will wrap on the last day of February.

Rory, who is a pupil at Harrow School, always thought he might want to become an actor, but his experience on the set of Rufus has solidified his career ambition. When shooting wraps up at the end of the month, Saper will return immediately to school, but hopes more acting opportunities will come his way, and he has been snapped up by agency Curtis Brown.

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