Monday, February 13, 2012

Streetdance Juniors

With the release of Streetdance 2 set for March 30th in the UK, Vertigo films have announced a spin-off film called Streetdance Juniors.

Streetdance Juniors will see two seemingly opposite people, fast-talking Ethan and shy dance-loving nerd Jaden, partner up to create a street dance talent show in order to save their beloved youth club from closure.

With a script by Paul Gerstenberger (House of Anubis, Paradise Cafe), Vertigo are hoping to create a new spin-off franchise which will have the same kind of vibe and dancing as the first two films (Streetdance 3D and Streetdance 2) but will be all kids.

Streetdance Juniors is expected to shoot in the Spring.


  1. when is the casting for this? does any one know how os the involved in this?

  2. I know and how old do you have to be I just turned 16 today :P

  3. Is this casting through agents? :L