Thursday, March 29, 2012

Meet the Witches of Camden

ITV2 have announced the commission of Switch, from the makers of Being Human, a new drama series about four young 20-something witches living in London, written by Chloe Moss and Tim Price.

Four young women – Stella, Jude, Grace and Hannah – share a flat in Camden, having moved to the big city in an attempt to leave suburban life and their old fashioned mothers behind. The series will chart their efforts to juggle relationships, careers and friendship while concealing their identity as witches. What's more, they will have to battle against their dark rivals, the Witches of Kensington - Alexa, India, Romola and Remy - as they set their sights on making life hell for the Witches of Camden. 

23 year old ex_Eastender Lacey Turner (represented by Conway Van Gelder) stars as Stella, who is always immaculately dressed and has a horrible boss.

26 year old Nina Toussaint-White (also Conway Van Gelder), who played Syd in Eastenders, stars as Jude, who spends her time working in a fashion shop and always has one eye on the lookout for some hunky men.

24 year old  Hannah Tointon (represented by Independent Talent) from The Inbetweeners, plays Hannah, the most spontaneous of the group who has just returned from a travelling expedition to India.

RADA-trained Phoebe Fox (represented by Curtis Brown) who was picked as one of Screen International's Stars of Tomorrow 2011 for her theatre performances, plays Grace, who possesses a strong moral sense and tries to enforce her traditional attitude to witchcraft onto the trio.

Laura Mackie from ITV’s Drama Commissioning team commented: "Switch is a contemporary series about friendship with a spell-binding twist. Chloe and Tim have created four fun-loving, free-spirited characters and we’re delighted with the direction the series takes."

Executive producer Rob Pursey (Being Human) added: "We’re delighted to be working with ITV2 and with Tim and Chloe to create this really exciting new series. Switch is an upbeat, funny drama about four young witches trying to make their way in the big city.They want to live a modern life, not one based on their mothers’ old-fashioned rituals.But modern life presents serious problems, and our girls can’t help casting the occasional spell to try to sort things out..."

Filming on Switch will begin next month for 11 weeks in London, Cardiff and Bristol.

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