Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bristol Open Casting for Feature Film



ABC casting is looking for three 10 - 12 year olds for a new taster tape, for a feature film, funded by the BFI.

We're looking for Bristol and close surrounding area based children, who fit any of the following descriptions.

We shall be doing an open casting this coming Sat 7th July from 2 - 5pm at  
Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QY http://www.hamiltonhouse.org/

If you feel your child fits the breakdown, please bring them along on Sat. We request it's just 1 adult per child, and that you come along just between 2 - 5 on Sat afternoon. We'll be getting them to read a few scenes, and go on camera.

Please spread the word! There is no need to bring anything, just turn up!


Billie (Female)

11 years old. Working class tomboy. All accents considered but particularly interested in girls from Bristol and surrounding areas. Fiercely intelligent and adventurous with a fierce appetite for life and its challenges.

The lead character and emotional heart of the film.

Playing age  10 - 12
Height          Any
Ethnicity       Any

Brian (Male)

11 years old. All accents welcome but particularly interested in boys with Bristolian/South West accents. A young man with the weight of the world on his shoulders. He takes life very seriously. Hugely intellectual and old before his time.

Leading role.

Playing age   10 - 12
Height           Any
Ethnicity        Any

Winkle (Male)

11 years old. A young Rhys Ifans. A quirky, off beat boy who sees everything from an alternative perspective. One day he'll be into rock music and smoking weed but right now, he's just a hilarious young boy. All accents welcome but particularly interested in boys with Bristolian accents.

Leading role.

Playing age    10 - 12
Height            Any
Ethnicity         Any


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  1. So do you have to be from Bristol to apply?