Sunday, July 29, 2012

Meet the teenage dancer who starred in the Olympics Opening Ceremony

18 year old Jasmine Breinburg from Deptford in south-east London took the starring role of June in the final dance sequence at Friday night's Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Her character June went on a journey through the last five decades of British music which culminated in her kissing a boy, played by 19-year-old Henrique Costa, who found her mobile phone.

Jasmine went to an open audition for dancers with 20 of her classmates from The BRIT School.

"I started getting taken out to do drama workshops too, like how I interact with people and stuff like that. I had never really done any acting before, just dancing."

After several auditions she was told she had been given a central role. She said she was not however aware of how big her part was going to be.

"It wasn't really put across like that. I knew I had an important role but I didn't realise the extent of it. A lot of it was kept confidential as well.

"It only really dawned on me in the dress rehearsals but even then, we knew we were just one section in a number of routines."

She who now plans to go back to college to finish her A Levels, which suffered as a result of her extensive dance commitments.

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