Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Open auditions in Glasgow

An opportunity for those looking to step in front of the camera emerged this week in Glasgow as Scotland’s multi-award winning Bad Pony Media Ltd/Bad Pony Television/Bad Pony Media Films announced an all day open casting in Glasgow.

Giving the opportunity for all ages* to impress as well as network and pick up information on everything from acting workshops to casting agencies in Scotland - Bad Pony Media’s senior producers will hold auditions at Glasgow’s stylist cocktail bar and restaurant The Bath Street Pony, 207 Bath Street , Glasgow from 10am – 4pm on 11th July 2012. The event will culminate with a short press conference and media presentation, which will include an exclusive “sneak peek” of Scotland’s first fully interactive multiplatform channel, Bad Pony TV™

*Over 18's.

Male 1
Age Range : 18-25
He is fearless and loyal to his family but in contrast he has a deeper side and secretly wishes to better his life. He is by far the quietist member of the family but he is unafraid of confrontation. There is more to this character than what meets the eye.

Male 2
Age Range : 18-22
Outrageous and emphatic, eighteen year old who is best friend of the main character. Outside of school hours they spend all their time in each others company - usually on the Internet looking at gadgets (as they share an interest in technology). At first glance they are seen as a couple. Polite and well mannered, He is always falling over things or getting into accidental situations that can prove dangerous. He can be over dramatic about the smallest thing and very vocal about how he feels.

Male 3
Age Range : 18-25
He is a nice, trendy, fit and down to earth guy. His boy next door looks and quiet charm
make him an attractive character to audiences despite his criminal activities. He is calm, fair and loyal to those he cares about, and a genuinely good person. Family orientated he usually puts others first at the expense of his own needs. Mark works alongside his cousin, his best, his Dad. He gets stressed out easily.

If you can not make the open auditions you can email a CV to :


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